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Type Process Item Name My Bid Posted Wish
For Sale Metrology [SG46869] SHIMADZU Corporation SMX-160CT-SV3S Bid on Sale 2019-08-01 장바구니
For Sale Scanner [SG20982] Nikon NSR-S204B KrF Scanner 2019-07-16 장바구니
For Sale Scanner [SG43540] Nikon NSR-S205C KrF Scanner 2019-07-10 장바구니
For Sale Track [SG44947] SCREEN SS-3000-AR SCRUBBER 2019-07-01 장바구니
For Sale Stepper [SG45397] Nikon NSR-2205i11D i-line stepper 2019-06-27 장바구니
For Sale Scanner [SG47080] ASML XT1400F ArF, twinscan 2019-06-27 장바구니
For Sale Stepper [SG41590] Nikon NSR-2205i14E i-line Stepper 2019-06-27 장바구니
For Sale Metrology [SG41799] KLA Puma 9000 Dark Field Inspection 2019-06-20 장바구니
For Sale Etch [SG38163] TEL Telius SCCM Shin Oxide 2019-08-13 장바구니
For Sale Etch [SG48296] Lam E5 - 5 NXP chm TFHM ETCH Remarketing 2019-07-30 장바구니
For Sale CVD [SG43534] AMAT Producer Manual Cassette Loader 2019-07-12 장바구니
For Sale CVD [SG47481] AMAT Producer PESiH4 2019-07-12 장바구니
For Sale CVD [SG45750] AMAT Producer SE Low K(BD2) 2019-07-05 장바구니
For Sale CVD [SG39434] Novellus C3 Speed XT ILD, IMD 2019-06-27 장바구니
For Sale PVD [SG15579] Ulvac Ceraus ZX-1000 PVD 2019-06-04 장바구니
For Sale Asher [SG41802] Mattson Aspen 3 LITE ETCHER 2019-05-30 장바구니
For Sale Packaging [SG25420] Protec PHANTASM Dispenser 2019-08-07 장바구니
For Sale Packaging [SG31552] LINTEC RAD-3500F/8 Taper 2019-08-07 장바구니
For Sale Etch [SG36639] BMR ICP Etcher ICP Etch 2019-08-07 장바구니


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