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[SG10251] AMAT Mirra 3400 CMP Stand Alone 

Item No
2009-07-08 15:36:08
Serial Number : L051, Wafer Size : 200
Date Manufactured : 05-01-1998

Description :
Basic MIRRA 3400 System (34-0001)
Mirra 3400 planarizer mainframe
Four (4) head, three (3) platen system
Set of four (4) 200mm Titan-2 Ox sensor heads installed on the tool (34-0509)
Set of three (3) latest revision of pad conditioners
Insitu removal monitor (ISRM) on all platens
ISRM computer, monitor.
PC workstation with single 17" monitor
Separate controller with 30ft. umbilicals, top AC feed
Four (4) each wafer cassettes
Robot Non-integrated (34-1030).
Thirty (30) ft. cable for polisher (34-1300)
CE/S2-93/OSHA compliant EMO button, Blank Label
Wafer loss sensor for Oxide(34-7164)
Smoke detector for controllers (34-4502)
Modified 2/01:
Kit Option Wafer Mapping, Part #0226-77261
Modified 2/01:
Includes the following:
One (1) Kit, Titan II UPA Upgrade
Four (4) Head Assembly, Eight inch Titan II PN 0010-77775
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