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[SG10481] Exposure: NESS-MA-4300ML 

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FAB / Stepper
2008-03-24 13:48:24
1. Schematic diagram of this system
1) 1 Cassette loading module
2) Exposure module.
3) Titler module.
4) 1 Cassette unloading module.
2. Pass Line : Glass : FL 1000 ± 20/10 mm
3. Work size: 200mm x 230mm (t : 0.7mm)
4. Tact time
1) 19sec. / sheet (Subject to pin alignment mode)
2) 23sec. / sheet (Subject to automatic alignment mode and allowable alignment value is 0.5um or more)
*Excluding exposing time.
5. Alignment accuruacy
1) Pre- alignment : ± 20um max. ( Evaluation by double exposure)
2) Automatic alignment : ±1um max. (3σ)
(Contrast of alignment mask shall be appropriate. Evaluated on masks under the separation mode exposure.)
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