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[SG10528] PUR CO2 Cleaner 

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2008-04-16 11:52:16
enertia CO2 cleaning systems employ state-of-the-art
cleaning and recycling technologies, including
Centrifugal Fluid Extraction (CFx) or Gravitational Fluid
Extraction (GFx).
enertia processes combine Centrifugal Shear* and
Coriolis cleaning energy, spray-under-immersion and
natural dry cleaning chemistry – using liquid carbon dioxide.
enertia CO2 cleaning systems are very versatile - operating as a precision cleaning,
degreasing, deoiling, defluxing, scouring or extraction system.
enertia CO2 cleaning systems are an environmentally safe and performance-effective
alternative to closed vapor degreasers, solvent and
semi-aqueous cleaning systems.
enertia cleaning systems do not require
environmental permits or special facilities to operate
because they have no wastewater, waste solvent,
thermal drying, worker toxicity or flammability issues.
• Degreasing and Deoiling
• Defluxing
• Scouring
• Selective Extractions
• Precision Drying
• Outgassing
• Machined Component Degreasing
• Ceramic Substrate Extraction
• Flip-Chip/BGA Assembly Defluxing
• Vacuum Component Extraction
• Medical Textile Scouring
enertia is a complete liquid CO2 cleaning system that includes both cleaning and
recycling in a single compact unit. High purity stainless steel cleaning module is
available as a top-loading basket centrifuge (CFx) or a front-loading tumbler (GFx)
precision system with semi-automatic closures. Integrated UnipureTM CO2 recycling
and purification system provides fast continuous and energy-efficient cleaning plus the
programmable additive injector makes it simple to enhance removal of stubborn soils.
PLC process control with a graphical user interface are standard features, as are easy
to load stainless steel parts baskets. Custom cleaning baskets and fixtures can be
developed to securely hold your parts for maximum cleaning efficiency.
enertia CFx Centrifugal Fluid Extraction
Series 1200 (12”x12” basket), 1500 (15”x5” basket), 1800 (18”x15” basket)
enertia GFx Gravitational Fluid Extraction
Series 2300 (23”x50” Drum, 12 cu.ft. Basket)
Power 230/3PH – 50/60 Hz, 50 AMP 230/3PH – 50/60 Hz, 100 AMP
Carbon Dioxide Supply Gaseous CO2, 832 psi, 70F Gaseous CO2, 832 psi, 70F
Nitrogen Supply (Opt. Purge) 40-100 psi, 50 scfm nominal 40-100 psi, 50 scfm nominal
Vent 2 in. diameter, pressure relief,
2 in. diameter, pressure relief,
Weight 2500 pounds 7000 pounds
Maximum Area Footprint 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft. 4 ft. x 7 ft. x 8 ft.
• Drums, Baskets, Trays, Transporters, and Robots
• Spray-under-Immersion (SUI) available for both CFx and GFx configurations
• PC system control
• Casters to facilitate installation, adjustable feet for leveling
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