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[SG11900] Spare Parts 25 

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2009-11-01 13:26:01
CSP-520 Circuit Breaker 4 Cutler-Hammer 3-Pole CircuitBreaker GD 22k Used
CSP-521 Circuit Breaker 1 Cutler-Hammer 3-Pole CircuitBreaker GD 22k Used
CSP-522 Circuit Breaker 1 Cutler-Hammer 3-Pole CircuitBreaker GD 22k Used
CSP-523 Circuit Breaker 2 Cutler-Hammer 3-Pole CircuitBreaker GD 22k Used
CSP-524 Circuit Breaker 1 Cutler-Hammer 3-Pole CircuitBreaker GD 22k Used
CSP-525 Servo Drive 1 Yaskawa VS Mini J7 CLMR-J7ACB0P4 Used
CSP-526 Servo Drive 1 Yaskawa VS Mini J7 Unkown Used
CSP-528 Temperature Controller 1 Watlow System 93 Used
CSP-530 Laser Diode Mount 1 Newport 740 Series Telecom Laser Diode Mount 744 Used
CSP-531 Input Aperture 2 NM Laser Products Input Aperture LST400 Used
CSP-532 Lens 1 New Focus 9091 Used
CSP-533 Valve 2 Clippard Minimatic R333/SN 0519921 Used
CSP-534 Laser 1 Melles Griot Laser 05-LHP-151-206 Used
CSP-535 Objective 1 Leica Used
CSP-542 Pneumatic Valve 1 SMC VV5Q11-ULB99021 Used
CSP-543 Pneumatic Valve 1 SMC VQ2201Y-5 Used
CSP-545 Pneumatic Valve 2 SMC KDM10 Used
CSP-549 Power Supply 2 Mimir Power Supply 515 Used
CSP-550 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron Type R750B Pressure Transducer Systerm 10 TORR 750B11TCD2GG Used
CSP-552 Camera Module 1 Uknown External Shutter and Speed Control Used
CSP-553 Valve 1 Festo CVP10-VI-P8 Used
CSP-555 Valve 1 Festo CVP10-VI-P8 Used
CSP-556 Valve 2 Festo CVP10-VI-P8 Used
CSP-557 Valve 1 Festo CVP14-VI-P8 (CPV14-GE-MP-8, CPV-14-VI) Used
CSP-558 Valve 1 Festo CVP14 340980/01 (CPV14-GE-MP-8, CPV-14-VI) Used
CSP-559 Display Module 1 MKS LDM Local Display ModQle for MKS 700 & 800 Series LDM-D12PD2CC3 Used
CSP-563 Thermocouple 1 Omega K-Type Infrared Thermocouple OS36-K-280F New
CSP-564 Light Curtain 1 STI OptoFence-B 72" Controller OF4172B-2 Used
CSP-566 Light Curtain Test Procedure System 1 STI MiniSafe/FlexSafe 4300B-2 36" Test Procedure System MS4336B-2 Used
CSP-568 Light Curtain Controller 1 STI OptoFence-B 72" Controller OF4172B-2 Used
CSP-570 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron Pressure Transducer Series 872B 827B12PCJ2MW1 Used
CSP-571 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron Pressure Transducer Series 852B 852B61PCJ2GC Used
CSP-572 Valve 1 Setra Model 224 Flow-Through Pressure Transducer 224 Used
CSP-574 Valve 1 Setra Model 224 Flow-Through Pressure Transducer 224 Used
CSP-575 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron Pressure Transducer Series 852B 852B12PCJ2GC Used
CSP-576 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron Pressure Transducer Series 852B 852B-13384 Used
CSP-577 Sensor 2 MKS Type 325 Moducell Pirani Vacuum Sensor 325-103250028 Used
CSP-578 Controller 2 Yamatake Digital Indicating Controller SDC20 C205GA00101 Used
HIT-004 Butterfly Valve 6 Fuji Seiki Butterfly Valve, Repaired 3-821449-D/R 1011018 Repaired
HIT-005 Controller 1 Hitachi Control Unit S2-84261-^A New
HIT-007 Autotuner Controller 1 Hitachi Autotuner Controller 2-824323-^A W/ Daihen CMC-10 New
HIT-009 Air Cylinder 4 SMC Air Cylinder W/ Terminal 3-839273-^A CDQ2B140C-J0406-XC11 New
HIT-010 Quartz Fiber 1 Hitachi Quartz Fiber 3-825664-04 New
HIT-012 Differential Pressure Switch 2(lot) Yamamoto Cabinet, Differential Pressure I-012 MS65L New
HIT-015 Air Cylinder 8 Cosmic Industry Co. Cylinder, Air 3-850138-^A BJ1T New
HIT-020 Lower Coil, ZPS90 1 Hitachi 1-822328-01 New
HIT-021 Coil Power Supply 1 Hitachi 3-845612-01 New
HIT-022 Quartz Sleeve 7 Hitachi Quartz Sleeve, Ash, M-712 3-852688-01 Ash, M-712 New
HIT-023 Baratron 1 MKS Cap, Manometer (122AA) 100 Torr 2-814562-02/R 122AA New
HIT-024 Chamber Cover 4 Hitachi Inner Cover, Chamber, UHF, (note) 1-829191-01 New
HIT-029 Flow Sensor Manifold 1 Hitachi Flow Meter, Electric 3-851916-^A NPS-21 New
HIT-030 Contactor 1 Hitachi Contactor 2-812072-17 H35 New 233229038(intel)
HIT-032 Ring Gate 1 Hitachi 2-819080-^A New
HIT-033 Air Cylinder 3 SMC Cylinder, Air, V-1, (note) 3-823437-A CQ2B63-01-59471 New
HIT-035 Cover, GV1 2 Hitachi 3-824791-C New
HIT-036 Air Cylinder 5 CKD Air Cylinder W/ Terminal 3-839105-A SCS-LND-00-140B-69 RO-D-HL17852 New
HIT-037 Electron Head Cover 3 Hitachi Electrode Head Cover (1), UHF, (note 2-829526-03 New
HIT-038 ER Cover 2 Hitachi Cover, ER, UHF 2-832793-01 New
HIT-041 Sensor & System 5(lot) SUNX Amplifier, Sensor S3-85134-^A FX7 New
HIT-042 PCB, IL36-1-1, (note) 1 1-807885-C New
HIT-043 Upper Coil 1 Hitachi Upper Coil, ZPS90 1-822327-02 New
HIT-046 Circuit Breaker 1 Seimens Circuit Breaker/Transformer Box 2 908-FX638200L FXD63B200 New
HIT-047 Contactor 2(lots of 2) Allen-Bradley Contactor EMO-7031 100-A38N*3 New
HIT-048 Mass Flow System 1 STEC Controller for MFC Box 3-839907-I/R Repaired
HIT-052 RF Tube 2(lot) Hitachi RF Tube 2-821867-^A New
HIT-054 Air Cylinder 2 CKD Cylinder, Air, W/Terminal 3-839347-A SCA2Q-CA80B79.2H-FL-565241 New
HIT-056 RF Generator 1 Pearl Kogyo/Hitachi RF Generator 3-83818-01R LP-150-800KBL CS-694, S571A, M-05A2L Repaired
HIT-070 DC Power Generator 1 Yashibi DC Power Generator 3-832863-1/R YCC-18K-X Repaired
HIT-071 Transformer Box 1 Hitachi Transformer Box for M500 HPP500TFB New
HIT-072 Robot 1 Hitachi Clean Robot CR-8V S1-82112-^C 00XY-05501 New
HIT-077 Chamber Block 1 Hitachi Chamber Block, ZPS90 1-824631-^A New
HIT-078 Gas Ring 2 Hitachi Gas Ring (2), ZPS90 2-830082-01 New
HIT-080 Bellow Flange 2 Hitachi Bellow Flange, GV2, (note) 2-813358-A New
HIT-081 Air Cylinder 13 CKD Cylinder, Air 3-849747-^A USSDKL63-188B New 233727159(intel)
HIT-083 Wafer Holder 3(lot) Hitachi Holder, Ash 3-845132-01 New
HIT-085 Air Cylinder 2(LOT) SMC Cylinder, Air, ZPS90 3-853222-^A CDQ2B40-30D-A73HS-XB13 New
HIT-088 PCB, I/O Unit 1 1-823775-^B New
HIT-089 Lower Sleever 4 Hitachi Sleeve, Lower, UHF, (note) 2-829605-02 New
HIT-090 Wafer Plate 3 Hitachi Wafer Plate 2-816892-B New
HIT-091 Robot Swing Arm 1 Hitachi Swing Arm, Unload 2-819447-F New
HIT-094 Temp Controller (Taitec Chill 2 Omron Temp Cont E5AS E5AS-R1P New
HIT-095 Baratron 1 MKS Capacitance Manometer Repaired 2-814562-E/R 122AA New
HIT-097 Sensors 4(lot) Sensorik Sensor, (note) 3-825095-B, 2-817089-B SK-1022/4-b, SV-45/30/15-N-O New
HIT-100 CB Shunt Trip 1 Seimens Breaker, Shunt Trip 908-S01FD60 S01FD60 New
HIT-101 Photo Sensor 2(lot) Yamatake Photo Sensor S3-85144-^A PJ7-T7 New
HIT-104 Robot Wand 1 Hitachi Robot Wand 1-815631-01 New
HIT-105 Differential Pressure Transmitter 1 Huba Diff. Manometer, (note) 1-
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