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2009-11-01 13:31:01
K-047 PCB > 10 HP Agilent V1300 Pin Electronicsw Board PCB E7085-66556 Used
K-057 Prealigner 1 Nikon NSR 200mm Z-8XB-D4915 Used
K-061 Stage W/ Drivers 1 TEL P-8 Wafer Prober 200mm Stage W/Drivers Used
K-069 Robot & Controller 1 Kensington 35-3700-1425-18 Used
K-077 RF Match 1 Kyosan DMK45-JA2 Used
K-080 Robot 1 AMAT 5000 8" Clean Room Robot Used
K-098 Robot 1 Brooks ABM-405 Used
K-115 MFC 2(lot) Brooks 5964 N2, 10 SLM; WF56, 750 SCCM; CARD EDGE, VCR Used
K-124 Vacuum Pump 2(lot) Varian evac 200, SD-200 C277C, 100894 Used
K-135 Servo Controller 1 Berkeley Process Axis Servo Controller Bxi 4 217115 Used
K-137 MFC 4 Unit, Tylan, Aera Various Used
K-144 MFC 6(lot) Aera TC FC-D985CTBH Used
K-148 Servo Drive 3 Vexta DFU1514W-A2 Used
K-150 Ion Gauge Controller 3 Granville-Phillips 330001 Used
K-154 Servo Drive 3 Panasonic MSD011P1EA03 Used
K-155 Servo Drive 3 Panasonic MSD021P1EA03 Used
K-156 Servo Pack 2 Panasonic TEL P-8 X/Y Servo Pack Assy MSD021P1EA03, MSD021P1EA03 Used
K-157 Motor Driver 5 Sanyo Denki Pentasyn PMM-BD-57015-1 Used
K-160 PCB 3 TEL PCB INDEXER BASE 3208-000141-12 Used
K-161 PCB 2 TEL PCB BRIDGE INTERCONNECT 2 3208-000089-11 Used
K-163 PCB 3 TEL PCB Power Distribution 2 3208-000312-11 Used
K-164 PCB 2 TEL PCB Cntrl FA1006K501A 3208-000138-12 Used
K-182 Power Supply 20 Vicor MegaPAC MP5-76505 TEL #: E7084-66201 Used
K-190 RF Generator 1 ASTeX ARX-X243 Used
K-212 Robot Controller 1 Kawasaki C62C-A002 Used
K-214 Robot 1 Brooks ABM-405 Used
K-225 Magnetron 4 ENI Slave DCG-200 DCG-200Z 1154, 839, 346, 1724 Used
K-234 Teach Pendant 1 Brooks TT1ENR2-1-TVS-ES-BROOKS8 Used
K-235 Turbopump Controller 1 Leybold NT 20 Used
K-247 Laser 1 Showa Optronics Nikon NSR GLG5415A Used
K-249 PCB 2 Nikon NSR Series EP-AX4 4S008-124 Used
K-254 Gate Valve 1 Edwards GVI 100M 02-59565 Used
K-257 Chamber Heater 1 Varian Used
K-261 Illuminator Assembly 1 Hoya-Schott MegaLight 50 JCR12V50W20H N17101598 Used
K-262 Power Supply 3(lot) Matsusada HVL-10P-HS, HVR-10P Used
K-264 High Voltage Module 3(lot) TEL/Hitachi Used
K-268 Robot 1 Brooks PRI ABM-407B-1-S-CE-S293 Used
K-269 Robot 2 Genmark Gencobot 4/3L 3LA080105, 3LA050367 Used
K-270 Prealigner 1 Asyst Model 5 05050-017 Used
K-271 Prealigner 13 Brooks PRI PRE-300B-CE PRE-8214, PRE-10728, PRE-10843, PRE-10751, PRE-10482, PRE-8832, PRE-11754, PRE-10883, PRE-11138, PRE-8643, PRE-10296, PRE-10517, PRE-10867 Used
K-272 Prealigner 1 Equipe PRE-300BU Used
K-274 Robot 2 Brooks PRI ABM-407B-1-S-CE-S293 Used
K-276 Robot Controller 1 PRI ESC-218BT-S293 Used
K-277 Robot Controller 6 PRI ESC-201B CTL-25606, CTL-26107, CTL-26178, CTL-25656, CTL-22461, CTL-26322, CTL-23032 Used
K-278 Ion Source 1 AMAT IHC 0011-92437 Used
K-279 Turbo Pump 1 Shimadzu TMP 280-L Used
K-280 Power Supply Readout 1 MKS 113B-2 Used
K-282 Wave Guide 1 Hitachi M308ATE IDX Wave Guide Used
K-284 Throttle Valve 1 Fuji Seiki Exhaust Throttle Valve BV-4AX0-HF Used
K-285 IDX Wave Guide 1 Hitachi M308ATE 2M121A Used
K-286 Throttle Valve 1 Fuji Seiki 1011032 Used
K-287 Temperature Controllers 2(lot) Watlow M308ATE Used
K-288 Inspection System 1 Leitz Ergoplan 301-360.010 Used
K-290 Robot 1 Equipe ATM-105-1-S Used
K-292 Controller 1 Asyst CMS II 9700-5819-01 Used
K-293 Teach Pendant 1 Asyst 8045R2-1-ES-ASYST Used
K-296 Robot 1 Equipe AT,-105-1-CE Used
K-297 Prealigner 1 Rorze AA00156 Used
K-298 Robot Controller 1 Rorze CURR-3265-0 Used
K-300 Shutter Assy 1 Cymer Automatic Shutter Assy 05-06080-04 Used
K-302 PCB, Guiding Tube 1 AMAT XR80 0100-91085 Used
K-303 PCB, Nikon Interface 4 SVG 99-80336-01 Used
K-306 Scan Optimization Module 1 AMAT 3X5G 9090-00668 Used
K-307 Interface Module 3 AMAT 0090-93107 Used
K-308 UV Module 1 SVG 500045692 X18 SK/0201/003 Used
K-309 Arm, Exchange 3 AMAT 500068798 9010-00672 ITL Used
K-310 Interface Module 3 AMAT Wafer Handling Interface Module 9090-00312 Used
K-311 Interface Module 5 AMAT 0090-93105 Used
K-312 Interface Controller 1 AMAT E84 Interface Controller 9240-00519 Used
K-313 Controller 1 AMAT E84 9090-00042 ITL Used
K-314 Controller 2 CyberResearch Power Controller 4002 2288 01 2 Used
K-315 Power Distribution Box 2 Asyst 9700-6209-01 Used
K-317 Turbopump 1 Shimadzu TMP-3203LMC-K1 Used
K-318 Turbopump Set 1 Edwards Seiko Seiki STP-301H Used
K-319 Gun Filament & Power Supply 1 Hitachi S-9300 Used
K-321 Teach Pendant 1 Profort 810 PF810-ASEHD4 Used
K-323 Robot 1 Hitachi S-9300 Used
K-325 Power Supply 1 AMI P1183-208/208 Used
K-326 Retrofit Interface 1 CTI 8115266G001 Used
K-328 Power Supply 1 Glassman 6kV PS/ER06N25.0YZ4 Used
K-329 Power Controller 1 CyberResearch 4002 2288 01 2 Used
K-330 Power Supply 1 AMI P-1219 Used
K-331 Robot Power Supply 1 Kepco 27-053701-00 0024782 Used
K-332 Light Curtain Controllers 5(lots of 2) STI MiniSafe MS4316B, MS4332B Used
K-335 Servo Drive 1 Panasonic ADKA500BPFADH Used
K-336 Servo Drive 1 Panasonic ADKA400BPFADI Used
K-337 Servo Drive 1 Panasonic ADKA100BPTADA Used
K-338 Servo Drive 1 NSK EMB014CF1-04 Used
K-339 Servo Drive 1 NSK EMLZ10CF1-04 Used
K-340 End Effector 1 Lam 715-130092-008 New
K-341 End Effector 1 Lam 715-140184-008-E1 Used
K-342 Titan II Kit 1 AMAT Mirra Gimbal 200mm 0040-54572 New
K-343 Control Rack 1 AMAT Centura RTP 5200 Used
K-344 End Effector 2 Lam 853-012176-008 New
K-345 End Effector 3 Lam 853-012095-008 New
K-346 Angle Valve 2(lot) VAT 26434-KA11-BIF1 New
K-347 IHC Assy 1 AMAT XR80 9010-01455ITL Used
K-348 Multimeter 1 Keithley 2000 Multimeter Used
K-349 Voltmeter 1 Trek Electrostatic Voltmeter 321-H Used
K-350 EVAC Control Panel 3 Hitachi S-9300 SEM EVPANEL3 569-5518 Used
K-351 PCB, ST Sense 5 Hitachi S-9300 SEM 569-5505 Used
K-352 Stage Control Panel 4 Hitachi S-9300 SEM Used
K-353 PCB, CNCORD1 4 Hitachi S-9300 SEM 569-5512 Used
K-354 PCB, ALARM1F2 5 Hitachi S-9300 SEM 568-5602 Used
K-355 PCB, VSCN3 5 Hitachi S-9300 SEM 569-5520 Used
K-356 PCB, I. L. CN 5 Hitachi S-9300 SEM 569-5526 Used
K-357 3X4A Power Supply 1 AMAT XR80 9090-00565ITL Used
K-358 Voltage Clamp Unit 3 AMAT XR80 0090-91598 Used
K-359 Chamber Vacuum Controller 2 AMAT XR80 9240-00449ITL Used
K-360 Spin Scan Controller 1 AMAT XR80 9090-00236ITL Used
K-361 Power Supply 2 AMAT HiTek from XR80 1140-00161 Used
K-362 PCB 5 Hitachi Lens-PS 560-5505 Used
K-363 PCB 3 Hitach
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