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[SG12631] ASML PAS5500/300C STEPPER 

Item No
FAB / Others
2010-05-04 15:59:04
Serial No : 9353
Vintage : 1998.6 
Spec : M7PST207
Report Date: January 26, 2009 03:00
Sales Config Report For Machine: 9353
Config Item Value
Cassette (elevator) position Cassette position 1 and 2
Wafer Track Interface TEL Mark 5/7/8/ACT8
SECS I and II Interface Yes
SECS Job Creator Yes
Batch streaming Advanced RMS
E-Chuck MK II Standard
E-Chuck Analysis Standard
Image quality control Standard
Tape streamer OCU-MK4 or less Yes
Single Reticle Smif Handling Yes
SignALL Yes
IRIS-6 Inch Reticles Yes
PEP1 Standard
PEP2 Standard
Ethernet interface Standard
Reticle Error Compensation Standard
Focal Standard
Extended NA-range Yes
Aerial Yes
Intensity 2 Standard
Quasar Yes (DOE ID13 MP4 30 included)
Extended Exposure Yes
Focus Spot Monitor Yes
Valid ATP-document 12NC 4022.502.42408
Hertz 60 Hertz
Power 220 Volt
Signal Tower Remote
Software release 5500 Sw rel. 8.4.0
SPM Alignment Yes
Optical Prealign (Mark Sensor) Yes
Wafer size 200 mm
Wafer type Flat
FAT Attendance No (Data Review Only)
Standard warranty 1 Year
CSR's for PAS5500 general Cable power conv. to MSUII
CSR's for PAS5500 general Signal tower external connect
CSR's for PAS5500 general TCU-Fab waterconn.
Focus Spot Monitor Yes
Extended Exposure Yes
CSR's for PAS5500/300C various CSR 1089 (T97-DUV-02-100)
CSR's for PAS5500/300C various CSR 1192 (T97-DUV-02-94)
CSR's for PAS5500/300C various CSR 1194 (T97-DUV-02-96)

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