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[SG155] Hewlett Packard HP3073 Series II test system $147,000 s/n US34240157. 1996 

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2003-07-05 00:00:05
Hewlett Packard HP3073 Series II test system $147,000 s/n US34240157. 1996 manfacturing date, 6 Mps system 4 Module fully loaded with 5184 nodes. 725/50 Controller with rev. B03.62 software installed. Configuration : (36) DD-6, (4) ASRU C, (4) Control Plus, (4) 6624A DUT Power Supplies, 1135A PDU, 1131A PDU, 120/240 Volt Input, Monitor, Printer and Keyboard. Diagnostics test ran with no failures. Configuration file available upon request.

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