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[SG21517] TEL Alpha - 8SE LPCVD Poly Furnace 

Item No
FAB / Furnace
2013-01-25 10:07:25
Serial No : M00000445095
Vintage : 2004
Wafer size : 8
Spec : Poly Heater Type VMM-40-201 Software Version--Wave v. 3.11R006 System Power Rating--110 VAC One Phase / 208 AC Loading Configuration--6 Loader System Configuration Main System TS4000 Controller Photohelic Gauge Boat Elevator Wafer Load Automation 16 Cassette Stocker Temperature Controller ( M560 ) Furnace Monitor, Power Control Unit Remote Utility and Gas Cabinet Inner T/C for Ration Mix Auto Shutter Gas System (PH3 SiH4 N2) Options (1) Signal Tower (2) Pitch Change Mechanism (3) UPS (4) GEM Communication N2 Load Lock Ambient Control Option--1 Quartz ware Load size 170 wafers Load lock purge system Process gas SiH4 PH3 Gas Type - Convention Gas System Tubing material - Stainless steel Tubing Finish - Electro-polish Manual valve - Fujikin Fitting Type - VCR/UJR Air-Operated valve - Fujikin Filter - Millipore Regulator - Veriflo MFC - Aera Pressure transducer - Millipore or Nagano
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