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[SG3149] HP95000 CompTester 

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2005-01-07 00:00:07
Base System
HP95000 High Speed Memory Test System with 512 Channel Test Head includes test Head and Support Frame.
Open Test system controller bundle
Open Test software
Controller Software bundle

DUT Interface
1 Site,64- Channel/ Site Production Engineering Interface for 512 Channel Test Head

Pin Electronics Channel Selection
Production high speed interface configuration are available for either 8 or 16 sites (based on 32 channel sites consisting of 24 split I/O, 8 drive only channels each with 512k sequence/ Instruction Memory and 1M Vector Logic Memory), I/Ochannels include 16bitfail Memory with option to order 16M bit deep fail Memory. Test Development System configuration are based on 2 sites (64 channel)

Device Power supplies
Extended Device Power supply each EDPS supplies four channel sites in production Interface.
PDPS Medium current 4 channel DPS (Required for RIMM)

System Configuration
Demo Application Bundle
Direct RDRAM Demo Application Bundle. Includes direct RDRAM Applications program and direct RDRAM vector set for RAMBUS. Order loadboard and contactor specified for center edgebond 16 or 18 wide I/O and mechanical load board assembly

Test Head Manipulator
General purpose Manipulator for 512 channel test Head

Cooling system
Liquid to Liquid cooler Unit
Hose Plant Kit 1.5m
Tube Kit 5m

HP9000 series High performance controller bundle

Workstation Software bundle included

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