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[SG3281] Chip 자재(저항 및 Capacitor) 매각(1608 / 2012 외) 

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2005-05-23 00:00:23
하기 자재를 매각하오니 관심있는 업체는 연락하여 주십시오.

SMT Capacitor / 저항

A : 1608용 Capacitor
- C104K 삼성 CL10B104KONC 100nF 4000PCS X 1 roll
- C104Z 삼성 CL10F104ZANC 100nF 4000PCS X 3 roll
- C104Z 삼성 CL10F104ZONC 104nF 4000PCS X 3 roll
- C474Z 삼성 CL10F474ZONC 470nF 4000PCS X 6 roll

B : 1608용 저항
- 100K ohm F급 삼성 P/N RC1608F104CS 5000PCS X 2 roll
- 464K ohm F급 삼성 P/N RC1608F4643CS 5000PCS X 2roll
- 604K ohm Maker : Rohm MCR03 EZH F 6043 5000PCS X 1roll)

C : 2012용 Capacitor
- CL105Z 삼성 CL21F105ZONC 4000PCS X 8 roll
- C105Z Y5V 25 Maker ; Murata CRM40Y5V105Z25PT 4000PCS X 20 roll)

D : Capacitor 475Z Y5V 25 Maker : Murata CRM42-2Y5V475Z25PT 4000PCS X 13 roll

Built Year : 2004
Location : 경기
Quantity : 59roll
Condition : New
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