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Title Accurate Market and Price should be preceded
Source The Treade News Date
In last May, the company’s main client, KT (a leading telecommunication company)requested Asset Recovery service for top class dial-up modem such as RAS Remote Access Sever, which no longer use in Korea by ADSL service as well as newly introduced VDSL.
To gain trust from business partners, we started our promotion in the U.S. where 50% of used network equipments sold in the world. For a fast and full service of equipment remarketing, we started promoting a U.S. leading used market dealer such as Lucent for 20,000 ports of servers rather than East Asia or China. A month later, we received a positive inquiry from a dealer in California and started a stack sale negotiation. Finally we exported 10,000 ports of servers in July and made a verbal contract on rest of 10,000 ports. But we could not make a second contract until late august because they concerned for lose of their dominant position in Lucent used market by our aggressive marketing activities. After all, we made a contract with the dealer in California with one condition that we should be moderate in marketing activities in the U.S. we suffered for delays of a contract for two months but we could wait and finished this transaction with the trust that provided from the credit standing of the dealer which is participated in advance. To export telecommunication surplus and used equipments, accuracy on market and price analysis and solid cooperation with resellers based on trust are strongly recommended.

Making efforts on building networks.
SurplusGlobal, Inc. has built strong networks through difficulties and problems from the beginning such as US, Australia, the Middle East, East Asia, etc. we put much effort on Asset Recovery Service through our strong networks based on turn key service including inspection, packing, after service, promotion, etc. we are confident on our history of services. Furthermore, we receive many inquiries from customers and companies for future business.