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[SG10250] Varian E220HP Medium Currnet Ion Implanter 

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2009-03-02 15:02:02
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S/N (Vintage) : 37250 (Vintage 1995)

(1) General
1 E500 Medium Current Ion Implanter (HP/EHP/EHPi) E220HP
2 Wafer size 8 inch
3 Serial no. / Vintage 037250 / Oct.1995
(2) Gas cabinet
4 Gas cylinder volume (liter) 4X
5 Ar (External or Internal) HP internal
6 AsH3 cylinder type (HP or SDS) SDS
7 PH3 cylinder type (HP or SDS) SDS
8 BF3 cylinder type (HP or SDS) High Presure
10 Vaporizer P.S. (Yes or No) No
(3) Source
11 Reducer type - 2 step (Yes or No) Yes
Source head type-Bernas or freemen Bernas
(4) Beamline
12 Scan generator-20KV or 30KV 20KV
13 Mirror-60KV (Yes or No) No
14 Automatic Graded Decel - Decel relay & P/S Yes
(Yes or No)
15 Hall Probe (Yes or No) No
16 Beam Energy Probe (Yes or No) Yes
(5) End station
17 Platform Type (Old type or PP+) Old(standard)
18 Clamp type (E or M-clamp) E-Clamp(ESC Platen)
19 Tilter Type (Harmonic or Belt) Belt
20 Control Computer UPS (Yes or No) Yes
21 Video Viewing of Wafer Loading (Yes or No) Yes
22 Three light signal tower (Yes or No) Yes
23 VESDA Smoke Detectors (Yes or No) No(standard smoke detector)
24 Service Monitor (Yes or No) YES
25 Software Version ??
(6) Pump Type
26 Source Turbo Pump Type with Model Pfeiffer / TMH1001P /TPS600
27 Analyzer Turbo Pump Type with Model Pfeiffer / TMH261YPX /TPS201
28 Beamline Turbo Pump Type with Model Pfeiffer / TMH520SG /TCP310
29 Source Rough Pump Type with Model Alcatel / BF ADP81
30 Stage Pump Type with Model Alcatel / BF ADP81, Booster L-s80L
31 End station Pump Type with Model Alcatel / BF ADP81
32 Target Cryo Pump Type with Model CTI / 250F
33 Cryo compressor Type with Model CTI / 8500
34 Load lock Pump Type with Model Varian / V300HT
35 Remote PD Type with Model Standard(interface PD)
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