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2009-11-01 13:29:01
HIT-107 Air Cylinder 2(lots of 2) SMC Cylinder, Air S2-84410-^A CDG1BN20-30 New
HIT-108 Air Cylinder 4(lots of 2) SMC Cylinder, Air S3-89145-01 CM2XU20-50 New
HIT-109 Air Cylinder 5(lot) SMC Cylinder, Air S2-84410-^B CGD1BN20-30-H7A1 New
HIT-110 Air Cylinder 1 SMC Air Cylinder W/ Terminal 3-839272-^A MDUB63-E4126-200 New
HIT-111 Air Cylinder 1 SMC Air Cylinder W/ Terminal 3-839275-^A CDQ2B100-J0736-20 New
HIT-112 Air Cylinder 3(LOT) SMC Cylinder, Air-Hydro, Elec 3-851917-^A CDQXB40-30D-A73HS New
HIT-113 Reflector 3(lots of 3) Hitachi Reflector 3-830027-2 New
HIT-114 Reflector 6(lots of 4) Hitachi Reflector 4-817835-A New
HIT-115 Sensor & System 2(loy) SUNX Sensor Amp 2-824470-3 FX-11A New
HIT-116 Power Supply 7(lot) Switching Power Supply, (Cemar 3-841737-1 K10AU-5 New
HIT-117 Power Supply 1 Cosel Switching Power Supply, (Cemar 3-841737-4, 3-841739-4 K10AU-24, K50AU-24 New
HIT-118 Power Supply 1 Cosel Switching Power Supply, (Cemar 3-841738-1, 3-841740-1 K25AU-5, K15AU-5 New
HIT-119 Power Supply 1 Cosel Power Supply 3-837843-4, 3-837844-03, S3-85001-4 P15E-24, P50E-15, P50E-24 New
HIT-123 PCB, AO08-2, (note) 1 Hitachi 1-807880-^C New
HIT-124 PCB, AL16-2, (note) 1 Hitachi 1-807879-^B New
HIT-126 PCB, PM02-1, (note) 2 Hitachi 1-807883-G New
HIT-127 Spray Nozzle Assembly 4(lot) Hitachi E-247 New
HIT-129 Spray Nozzle Assembly 4(lot w/ 10 nozzles) Hitachi E-207, E-257, S-203 New
HIT-131 Mesh Plate 1 Hitachi Mesh Plate 3-08520489-04 New
HIT-133 Penning Meter 1 Ulvac Penning Meter 2-812829-A XEK-12N-U New
HIT-134 Air Cylinder 3(lots of 3) SMC Cylinder, Air S3-89146-02 CM2XL20-70 New
HIT-135 PCB 1 Hitachi PCB, Distribution 3-838866-02 BBS205-3 New
HIT-138 Vacuum Switch 3(lot) SMC 3-827900-A ZX100-K35LZ-EC New
HIT-143 Pressure Gauge 1 Nagano Keiki Inlet Gas Pressure Gauge A I-036 GC94 New
HIT-173 Sensors & Connectors 1(lot) Omron, Koganei Connector for Photo Sensor, Photo Sensor, Sensor for Rinse Cup 3-829146-C, 3-830478-A, 3-821529-A EE-1001, ZC153A, EE-SPY401 New
HIT-187 Shaft 1 Hitachi Shaft, M308 ER Assy. 2-812545-A New
HIT-188 Ball Shaft 1 THK Ball Sprain Shaft, UHF, ZPS90 3-847127-^A 2LF16UU+341.5L-(A) New
HIT-189 Ball Shaft 2 THK Ball Sprain Shaft, UHF, ZPS90 3-847127-^B 2LF16UU+356.5L-(A) New
HIT-191 Base Ring 3(lot) Hitachi Base 3-833717-90 New
HIT-220 Air Cylinder 2(lots of 3) SMC 3-841437-A CDQ2B40-01-59469 New
HIT-221 Air Cylinder 1 SMC CDQ2WB80-01-59470 New
HIT-222 Sensor & System 4(lot) SUNX Sensor and System S3-85134-^A FX7 New
HIT-223 Perfluorinated Fluid 29 Sovay Solexis HT200 New
IL-008 RF Match 2 AE 3150275-007G 179706, 202324 Used
IL-009 RF Match 3 AE RFPP 7621993020 A3T-667, A3T-657 Used
IL-010 Chamber, glass 2 Lam Research L 3200 New
IL-014 RF Generator 1 ENI LPG-12A LPG12A-21051-50 218 Used
IL-015 Gate Valve 1 VAT 64248-XE52-1102 Used
IL-016 Gate Valve 1 VAT 17244-UE14-AAC1 New
IL-017 Gate Valve 1 VAT no label Used
IL-019 Gate Valve 1 VAT 12044-PA44-0003 New
IL-025 RF Generator 1 ENI LPG-6AL 292 Used
IL-027 RFPP RF Generator 1 AE 7521968010 Used
IL-028 RFPP RF Generator 1 AE 3150048-004B Used
IL-029 RFDS RF Generator 1 AE 3155059-001F Used
IL-030 WVDS Controller 1 Lam Research 853-033887-001 Used
IL-032 Amplifier 2 RF Power LP-2000 LP-2000-400K 9231B0437, 9231B0414 Used
IL-035 Nickel Shield 2 Lam Research 716-051057-001 New
IL-036 Stripper PCB 2 Lam Research 810-004615-701 New
IL-038 Ring Clamp 2 Lam Research 715-028289-001 Rebuilt
IL-039 RF Match 1 Astech ATL-100 90-03-404 Used
IL-041 Cylinder, Pneumatic 2 Lam Research 718-094075-002 New
IL-042 Chamber, 200mm 1 Lam 853-073087-600-A-262 Used
IL-043 RF Match 1 Comdel CPMX-3000 Used
IL-044 DC Power Supply 1 AE ASM LDM Plasma DC Power Supply 3152026-000D Used
IL-045 RF Tuner 1 Daihen DAUMA-10SA Used
IL-047 RF Generator 1 ENI OEM-12A OEM-12AL-01 5357 Used
IL-049 Chiller 1 Neslab HX-75 386105021704 Used
IL-06 Lower Electrode 1 Lam Research 853-250589R001 Rebuilt
IL-08 RF Match 2 AE 3150275-007G 179706, 202324 Used
IL-09 RF Match 2 AE RFPP 7621993020 A3T-667, A3T-657 Used
IL-10 Chamber, glass 2 Lam Research L 3200 New
IL-14 RF Generator 1 ENI LPG-12A LPG12A-21051-50 218 Used
IL-22 RF Generator 1 ENI OEM-12A OEM-12AL-01 Used
IL-23 RF Generator 1 ENI ACG-5 Used
IL-47 RF Generator 1 ENI OEM-12A OEM-12AL-01 5357 Used
IL-525 Autotune Match 2 LAM RFRB, ASSY, AUTOTUNE MATCH STRI 853-025735R001 New
IL-526 Spare 1 LAM 853-330583-80 New
IL-527 Ring 1 LAM 716-21278-1 New
IL-528 Power Supply 6 LAM Autec Power Systems MFS50-GNNN New
IL-529 Gate Valve 1 VAT F12-60366/1129 12040-PA44-0002 New
IL-530 Focus Ring 9 LAM INR COV, CMPST FOC R SIC8" JEIDA 716-460953-001 New
IL-531 Funnel 1 LAM 50mm, GPH, 8MIL SIC CTD 716-051392-005 New
IL-532 Ergo Loader 4 LAM ERGO LOADER BRUSHED # 4 SS 380877702 New
IL-535 Circuit Board 3 LAM 810-017012-001 New
IL-536 Temperature Controller 1 LAM Anafaze 12 Loop RFRB CONTR, TEMP, 12 CHAN, EMC 666-033100R005 New
IL-537 Module 1 LAM 853-025903R-001-3-ELMPNE New
IL-538 RF Coil 1 LAM RF COIL, 8 TURN, RD 853-330583-080 New
IL-539 Module 1 LAM 853-491836-002-1-262C New
IL-540 Charter Recognition System 1 LAM Charter Recognition System 1600 ASM-1640-111 VB1 New
IL-541 Chamber 1 LAM RFRB ASSY 8 CHMBER, 150mm ESC 38 853-080202R150 New
IL-544 Slit Valve 1 LAM VLV, SLIT, HTD, VITON, ANOD, E9600 796-098150-002 New
IL-545 Sheild 3 LAM HORN O2 INTRODUCTION SHEILD 716-072016-001 New
IL-547 Ring 3 LAM RING, G-INJ 8x. 76mm JETS. CER 716-072305-002 New
IL-548 Sheild 3 LAM SHEILD, HORN O2 INTRO 9900 716-072016-003 New
IL-549 Aperture 4 LAM 150mm 716-071555-002 New
IL-550 PCB, Array Interface 5 LAM ASSY, PCB, CCD ARRAY INTERFACE 810-057006-001 New
IL-551 Pressure Controllet 8 LAM INLET/OUTLET-HF PRESS CNTRL 839-054692-001 New
IL-553 PCB, Reactor 2 LAM 810-057039-001 New
IL-554 PCB, Outer Arm 2 LAM 810-057038-002 New
IL-556 PCB, VME 68030 3 LAM ASSY, PCB, VME 68030 810-490009-001 New
IL-557 Focus Ring 1 LAM RING FOCUS QTZ, HP 716-443234-001 New
K-008 Chiller 1 Thermo Neslab DI Max DEI Water to Water Cooler 622023991801 Used
K-013 Quartz Bell Jar 1 Pentagon Tech. Endura PT-0643-0013 New
K-014 RF Shield 1 Pentagon Tech. Endura PT-0143-0011 New
K-035 Robot 1 Equipe AT
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