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[SG14907] Juki 750/760 TIMING BELT YB(E2308725000) 

2016-03-30 23:53:30
Supply JUKI 750/760 TIMING BELT YB
Supply all original new juki spare parts.

SHENZHEN GREEN TECHNOLOGY Company was found in 2003.we are specialized in the field of Industrial PC boards and Electronic controls Repair,and supply SMT/AI spare parts.
Here are some of the items that we repair on a regular basis.
CYBEROPTICS laser/CYBEROPTICS camera:JUKI laser(570/620/730/740/750/760/2010/2020/2030/2040/2050/2060/2070/2080/KJ-01/KJ-02//FX-1/FX-2/FX-3/3020R/JX-100 laser unit),YAMAHA laser,SAMSUNG laser,TENRYU laser,PHILIPS(ASSEMBLEON) FCM PPU laser,Autotronik laser,DEK camera etc.
CYBEROPTICS LASER Model including:6604033,6604035,6604054,6604061,6601062,6604096,6604097,6604098,8000286,8001017,8005674,8006268,8007151,8007810,8008000,8010518,8101519,8010398,LAM-10-1,LAM-35-1,LAM-35-22 etc.
CYBEROPTICS CBA20/CBA40 CAMERA/DEK CAMERA(GRAPHITE/GREEN/GOLD/HAWKEYE):145550/155826/181056/181062/190408/191010/191011/191012/191013/191014/191640/191641/191643/191644/198040/198041/198043/198044 etc.Model:8004806,8008629,8008630,8008633,8008634,8012979,8012980,8012982,8012983 etc.
CYBEROPTICS laser control card:KG7-M4547-100,6604067,6604071,6604083,6604099,8000289,8005171,8010494 etc.
The repair capability of our company is applicable for all industries: High tech equipment, JUKI,FUJI,PANASONIC,YAMAHA,UNIVERSAL,SIEMENS,SAMSUNG,SONY,SANYO,PHILIPS,DEK,MPM and any more.
Electronic controls including:Laser Control Card,MCM card,I/O Card,CPU card,SUB-CPU card,IMG-CPU card,Image card, Vision card,XMP card,Motor Driver,AC/DC servo motor,Servo driver,Servo amplifier,Industrial monitors,Industrial camera, Power supplies, and a lot more of other electronic/electric systems, no matter if they are current or obsolete.
We provide our customers the highest level of service and technical knowledge in repairing PC boards and Electronic controls .
GREEN provides also on site service, and the company's engineers analysis capabilities makes them able of fault pinpoint in machines that combines mechanics, electricity, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics.
GREEN's employees are experienced engineers with high skills in electronics repair. We have a large library of diagrams and test procedures, which are available to our engineers for a quick repair and test of the equipment. Repair capability is even with no circuit diagrams, we make them out of the Board!
E2432725000 TIMING BELT(XB) JUKI 750,760
E2308725000 TIMING BELT(YB) JUKI 750,760
E3023725000 TIMING BELT THETA JUKI 750,760
E2014725000 DRIVE BELT C JUKI 750,760,2010,2020,2040
E2015725000 TIMING BELT JUKI 750,760
E2016725000 CONVEYOR BELT C JUKI 750,760
E2017725000 CONVEYOR BELT S JUKI 750,760
E2051721000 DRIVE BELT JUKI 750,760
E2107729000 TIMING BELT XB JUKI 2010,2020,2040
E2019729000 TIMING BELT YB(10M) JUKI 2010,2030
E2004729000 TIMING BELT YB M JUKI 2010,2020,2030,2040
E3014729000 TIMING BELT THETA JUKI 2010,2020,2030
E3021729000 TIMING BELT Z JUKI 2010,2020,2030,2040
E2015725000 TIMING BELT JUKI 750,760,2010,2020,2030,2040,2050,2055,2060,2070,2080
E2146721000 TIMING BELT JUKI 750,760,2010,2020,2030,2040,2050,2055,2060,2070,2080
40019526 CONVEYOR BELT S(M) JUKI 2010,2020,2040
40019527 CONVEYOR BELT C(M) JUKI 2010,2020,2040
40019528 CONVEYOR BELT S(L) JUKI 2010,2020,2040
40019539 CONVEYOR BELT S(M)100 JUKI 2010,2020,2040
40019540 CONVEYOR BELT S(L)100 JUKI 2010,2020,2040
40019541 CONVEYOR BELT S(E)100 JUKI 2010,2020,2040
40019542 CONVEYOR BELT S(E)250 JUKI 2010,2020,2040
40019532 CONVEYOR BELT C(E) JUKI 2010,2020,2040
E2288725000 DRIVE BELT C JUKI 2010,2020,2040
E2155721000 DRIVE BELT C JUKI 2010,2020,2030,2040,2050,2055,2060,2070,2080
E2014729000 TIMING BELT YB(E) JUKI 2020,2040
E2009729000 TIMING BELT YB(L) JUKI 2010,2020,2040
E2307729000 TIMING BELT XB(30) JUKI 2030
40019533 CONVEYOR BELT C(30M) JUKI 2030
40019535 CONVEYOR BELT C(30M) JUKI 2030
40019537 CONVEYOR BELT C(30E)JUKI 2030
E4528729000 DRIVE TIMING BELT(30) JUKI 2030
E4432729000 TIMING BELT C(30M) JUKI 2030
E4632729000 TIMING BELT C(30L) JUKI 2030
E4732729000 TIMING BELT C(30E) JUKI 2030
E4433729000 TIMING BELT SC(30M) JUKI 2030
E4633729000 TIMING BELT SC(30L) JUKI 2030
E4733729000 TIMING BELT SC(30E) JUKI 2030
E4548729000 DRIVE BELT C(30) JUKI 2030
40000688 TIMING BELT XB JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,1070,1080
40000732 TIMING BELT YB JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,1070,1080,FX-1,FX-1R,FX-2
40000733 TIMING BELT YB(L) JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,1070,1080,CX-1
40016697 TIMING BELT YB(E) JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,1070,1080
40001143 TIMING BELT Z JUKI 2050,2055,2060,CX-1
40001116 TIMING BELT T JUKI 2050,2055,2060
40001160 TIMING BELT IC Z JUKI 2060
40000863 CONVEYOR BELT S JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,1070,1080,2077
40000864 CONVEYOR BELT C JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,1070,1080,2077
40001860 CONVEYOR BELT S(E) JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,1070,1080,2077
40000790 CONVEYOR BELT EX(W) JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080
40001070 CONVEYOR BELT C(L) JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,3020,1070,1080,2077
40000852 DRIVE BELT S JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,3020,1070,1080,2077
40001005 DRIVE BELT C(L) JUKI 2050,2055,2060,2070,2080,3020,1070,1080,2077
E2155721000 DRIVE BELT C JUKI 2010,2010,2040,2050,2060,2070,2080,2070,2080,CX-1

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