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[SG4507] Yamaha High Speed chip Mounter Line, PCB Flow Right to Left front fixed 

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2003-10-15 00:00:15
Yamaha High Speed chip Mounter Line

PCB Flow Right to Left front fixed

1) Nagaoka Magazine Loader, 2001

2) Screen Printer Minami MK878SV, Full vision, 2001

3) Yamaha Chip Mounter YV100X-F, Type KV8-000, Y7479, 2001식, Work Time 1981.2hr
Option: 1) Tray 2) Feeder sensor 3) Auto nozzle change station 4) Camera 2ea

4) Yamaha Chip Mounter YVL88-II , Type KM2-000, Y4503, Working Time 2455.2hr, 99
Option: 1) Feeder sensor 2) Auto nozzle change station 3) Multi Camera 1ea 4) Raser Recognition 5) Tray ATS27A

5) Work Table, 2001

6) EXCELL Reflow Oven, 5 Zone, LtoR

7) Nagaoka Magazine Unloader , L Type, 2001

8) Feeder; Total 40 ea (8mm :29ea, 12mm:4ea, 16mm:4ea, 24mm:2ea, 32mm:1ea)

price; KR\280,000,000 VAT excluded

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Location :
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