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2003-01-29 00:00:29
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Digital Screen Press

2002 Raster Graphics Arizona Ref No. 31004

WRITING TECHNOLOGY: Piezoelectric Inkjet with 384 nozzles (3 print heads times 128 nozzles) per colour Printhead Reliability - 2 billion fires per nozzle MTBF.
RESOLUTION: 309 dpi (with a 50 picoliter drop volume per nozzle).
PRINT MODE/SPEED: 90-180 square feet an hour w/upgrade (may vary depending on media).
MEDIA: Variety of 3M Vinyls and paper-based media for signage, fleet graphics & backlit.
MEDIA HANDLING: Roll feed reel to reel direct imaging process.
MEDIA WIDTH: 24 to 54 inches (60.96 cm to 137.16 cm).
IMAGE WIDTH: 52.282 inches (132.8cm) Maximum; no Minimum.
PRINT/IMAGE LENGTH: Single Image - Up to limit of 9 Gbyte HD. Multiple Copies - Full roll of media.
MEDIA TRANSPORT SPEED: Forward or Reverse: 3 in/sec.
INKS: 3M Scotchcal Piezo Ink Jet Inks Series 3700 in Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta and Yellow solvent-based pigmented inks in 32 ounce reservoirs.
QUANTITY OF INK: One 32 oz. bottle of ink for each color.
PRINTER PROCESSOR: Intel 80960CF RISC proacessor.
PRINTER MEMORY: 32 MB RAM and 9GB Disk Drive.
PRINTER INPUT DATA FORMAT: Raster Graphics bit level image data.
HARDWARE INTERFACE: Standard Centronics Parallel, SCSI-2, Ethernet TCP/IP and RS-232 Serial Ports.
SOFTWARE: Poster Shop color production software with PiezoRx for compensating for misfiring nozzles.
Power POWER REQUIREMENTS: 208-240V, 30 amp, single-phase, 60 Hz, dedicated circuit (North America) 200-240V, 30 amp, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, dedicated circuit (International).
ENVIRONMENT: Operating Range: Temperature 65 to 85F (18.3C to 29.4C); Humidity (40% to 60% RH non-condensing); Altitude (up to 8,000 feet (2,438 meters). Optimum Storage Temp: 60 to 90F (15.6C to 32.2C); 10% to 80% RH non-condensing; Up to 8,000 feet (2,438 meters).
DIMENSIONS: Access Doors Closed: 81 inches L x 26 inches D x 57 inches H (206cmW x 66cmD x 145cmH) w/air manifold. Access Doors Open: Minimum clearance area of 17 feet long by 11 feet deep (5.2 meters L x 3.4 meters). Optimum clearance area of 20 feet L x 13 feet D (6.1 meters L x 4 meters D).

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