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제목 SurplusGlobal, Inc. expand their business into used SMT equipments market
출처 The Trade News 게시일
SurplusGlobal, Inc., a leading Asset Liquidator Service provider of pre-owned machines, makes steady progress in their business. Most of small and medium sized domestic business prefer used semiconductor equipments with 40-60% cheaper price but it is hard to find sellers in the used equipment market. Financial agency and large-scale corporation have problems remarketing their asset with fair price because of complexity of market and lock of information. Recently, SurplusGlobal Inc. signed on agency agreement with Red Devil (a foreign asset management company) for asset liquidation and sold out 4 lines of domestic company’s semiconductors (1.8 billion KRW), which imported and held in custom since 2000. Bruce Kim, CEO of SurplusGLOBAL, emphasizes that consigning equipments to an expert is becoming worldwide trend and it helps company focus on their specialties. SurplusGlobal Inc. has a hundred of worldwide buyer’s database, business network, capability of promoting new buyers and maximizing resale value with our marketing strategies in semiconductor market. These will provide proper services to customers with fair market price realized and a path for future business. SurplusGlobal Inc., established in March 2000, has been business partner to Samsung Electronics, SK, Posco, KT, Dacom, Koron International, Sambo, Kyungbang, and industrial bank of Korea etc.
Asset liquidator leads a marketing boom aimed at Used SMT (semiconductor) equipment market.
Due to the rapid growth in Electronic industry; manufacturers or EMS companies replace their SMT equipments more often in 3-4yrs cycles. They suffer from remarketing their surplus and used equipment. SurplusGlobal Inc., its entry into used SMT equipment market will provide key services to the companies with problems of remarketing used equipments.
SurplusGLOBAL, Inc., Asset recovery service provider, announced on Dec. 28th that they have performeed well in the markket and become the major issue in ussed SMT equipment mmarket. From beginning of the year, the company has sold about $ 3million of used SMT equipments and they are expecting $ 8 million sales in this first year.

” Sales of used 4-5 lines of SMT equipments is on progress with great interest among domestic companies” and “this key service will provide great advantage to domestic buyers and sellers in SMT industry”, said by Bruce Kim, CEO of SurplusGlobal, Inc.