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제목 Surplusglobal sold second hand network equipment to overseas companies
출처 The Electric Times 게시일
Surplusglobal, Inc. (CEO Kim Jeong-Woong), a distributor of unused equipment, announced that it exported dial up modems providing 11,640 lines held by the domestic common carrier as unused materials to USA and Arab Emirates on 29th.
The equipment exported this time was dial up modems(Model CISCO AS5300) imported from CISCO Systems in 1999 and had not been used from last year.
Surplusglobal took over all equipment from the common carrier earlier this month and sold 12 Thousand lines to the well-established ISP Qualitek in San Jose, USA and other 1,440 lines were sold to a well-established ISP WACN in Dubai, Arab Emirates.
Surplusglobal had already provided second hand and unused network equipment worthy of 2.6 Million Dollars to the overseas companies in the first half of this year. And Surplusglobal expects that it can export the equipment worthy of 2 Million Dollars in the latter half of this year and achieve the export records of 4.6 Million Dollars.
CEO Kim Jeong-Woong said, “according to the fast upgrade of domestic infrastructure for communication, many network equipments become unused. However, this equipment can be used in other countries. I think domestic common carriers and network equipment distributors shall intensify their efforts to export second hand and unused equipment to overseas markets.”

Reported on: 30/June/2003