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제목 [Recruiting] Recruiting Sales Manager SurplusGLOBAL China, Inc.
출처 SurplusGLOBAL 게시일

Title : Sales Manager

SurplusGLOBAL China, Inc.


Job Description

  1. Sales & Marketing of Secondary Semiconductor Equipment : Mainly contact China Fabs & Refurbish company and generate Sales opportunities of Secondary Front end and Back end Semiconductor tools
  2. Inspection, Valuation, Purchasing and Logistics of Secondary tools
  3. Market Research and Survey
  4. Create new customer and Business Opportunity
  5. Semiconductor Front end and Back end tools RFQ review, and Project management

Desired Skills & Experience


  1. More than 7 years SEMI industry experiences
  2. Good communication skills and Goal-oriented and Self-generating Personality
  3. Sales & Marketing experiences preferred
  4. Equipment support experience is plus

Company Description

We dont hire employees. We look for colleagues

We know that creative, self-motivated and enthusiastic colleagues are SurplusGLOBAL's most precious resources and the base of our success.

We do our best to create and keep a pleasant workplace where everyone can respect each other and thrive. We also dedicate ourselves to offering the opportunity with which our colleagues can realize their dream. We are looking for colleagues who understand and are willing to share our company vision, possessing the talents to harmonize organizations, to achieve their goal enthusiastically and to support our customers fully and thoroughly.

We, one of the largest secondary semiconductor equipment traders, have track records with most of major fabs worldwide.



  1. Basic Salary : Upper level in SEMI industry
  2. Incentive : Top Level (Incentive payments will abide by the principles of the company)


  1. Document Review : Only English Documents Acceptable
  2. Required Documents : Resume, Autobiography (Focusing on career), Copies of Certificates & Licenses
  3. Interview 1) The first interview in SG China office _ Around end of Apr  2) The second interview in HQ Korea