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[SG10413] MxP centura Metal etcher spare parts(6inch) 

Item No
FAB / Etcher
2008-02-16 14:09:16
0.Process Chamber (2ea)
-DC Power Supply (1ea0
-EBARA pump 50x20 (1ea)
1.Signal Cable Misc
2.Power Cable(19ea)
3.Chamber Power Box
4.Signal Cable (8ea)
5.Robot Blade (1ea)
6.Robot Body (1ea)
7.Throttle Valve (2ea)
8.Gate Valve (2ea)
9.Gas Display Box (6ea)
10.Chamber Lid(2ea)
11.RF Match (2ea)
12.Turbo Pump (2ea)
13.M/F Pneunatic B/D (1ea)
14.Baratron Gauge
15.Gas Display Box (1ea)
16.Power Box (1ea)
17.Heater Exchanger controller (1ea)
18.Power box Frame (1ea)
19.Generator Frame (1ea)
20.Heater Exchanger (2ea)
21.Heater system (1ea)
22.Gas Panel (2ea)
23.Chamber power box
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