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[SG11107] AMAT Reflexion CMP 300mm 

Item No
2010-09-28 18:10:28
1. Serial # : 412080
(1) Wafer Size : 300 mm
(2) Vintage : June, 2006
(3) Description : CMP System (Poly with Nova 3060).
ILD (Inter Layer Dielectric) CMP System
(4) Specification
Reflexion LK, ILD, 300mm Notch
NOVA 3060 Dry with Semi buffer
Wafer to Wafer APC; STD Platten
IC 1010 Pad
3M Disc A160 Pad Conditioner
Full Scan ISRM Metrology with motor torque EP
Process cooling water for Platten
Titan Contour CIP Ox Polishing Head
Weight kit
Contour UPS pneumatics assy
Dark Pad Sensor
Clear Polisher window skins
Inter Platten clean
4x12 CLC SDS Slurry Delivery System
Std tunable slurry dispense arm
System UPS
FI and Polisher light tower
Monitor 1 on cart
Monitor 2 on FI ERGO arm position 4
Megasonics delivery tank / 1 Chem DF FM LDM delivery
2 Chem CLC w/ on-board mixing LDM Brush
Vapor Dryer
OHT WIP Delivery
3 Loadports; Tiris with RF Carrier ID

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