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[SG122] Panasonic HDP-G1 XL $47,250 adhesive dispenser, NM-2664, s/n 8YD02668. 1998 

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2003-07-05 00:00:05
Panasonic HDP-G1 XL $47,250 adhesive dispenser, NM-2664, s/n 8YD02668. 1998 vintage with 3528.8 hours, visual recongnition, belt transfer system, switchable board flow(currently set up for Left to Right), edge clamping, Auto width control(rail), 3 color pat light, Nozzles from left to right-VS(very small), S(small), L(Large), bad board Mark detection by camera, pin positioning, RS232C, PCB thickness 0.5mm~4.0mm, SMEMA, printer and manuals. Machine in good condition.

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