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[SG14879] 120 PCS Used AF05HP available for sale 

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2015-12-08 10:54:08
We have 120 pcs AF05HP available for sale.
1. NF 8*4 used 17 pcs
2. CF 8*4 used 134 pcs
3.CF 8*2 new 5 pcs
4. CF 8*2 used 29 pcs
5. AF 8*2 used 120 pcs
6. NF 12MM used 8 pcs
7. NF 16MM used 46 pcs
8. NF 24MM used 31 pcs
9. NF 32MM used 2 pcs
10. NF 44MM used 10 pcs
11.NF 72MM used 1 pcs
12.FF 8*4MM new 20 pcs
13.FF 12MM used 40 pcs
14.FF 16MM used 17 pcs
15.FF 16MM used 3 pcs
16.FF 24MM used 8 pcs
17.FF 24MM new 2 pcs
18.FF 32MM used 3 pcs
19.FF 32MM new 5 pcs
20.FF 44MM used 2 pcs
21.FF 56MM used 1 pcs
22. Vibration Stick Feeder 8 pcs
SHENZHEN GREEN TECHNOLOGY Company was found in 2003.we are specialized in the field of Industrial PC boards and Electronic controls Repair,and supply SMT/AI spare parts.
Our company main business as follows:

*Suppy & Repair original JUKI spare parts.
*Supply new and used original SMT feeders.
*Supply copy SMT feeders and spare parts.
*Suppy SMT related equipment etc.
*New and used SMT equipment and spare parts trade.
*Repair service for CYBEROPTICS camera and laser:DEK camera,Juki laser,Samsung laser,Philips laser,Tenryu laser,Aototronik laser,Yamaha laser etc.
*Repair service for SMT/AI servo driver,servo motor,industrial camera,monitor,power supply,circuit board,electronic systems etc.
*Recovery original new(used and faulty) JUKI Spare parts, Cyberoptics laser and Cyberoptics camera.

Here are some of the items that we repair on a regular basis.
CYBEROPTICS laser/CYBEROPTICS camera:JUKI laser(570/620/730/740/750/760/2010/2020/2030/2040/2050/2060/2070/2080/KJ-01/KJ-02//FX-1/FX-2/FX-3/3020R/JX-100 laser unit),YAMAHA laser,SAMSUNG laser,TENRYU laser,PHILIPS(ASSEMBLEON) FCM PPU laser,Autotronik laser,DEK camera etc.
CYBEROPTICS LASER Model including:6604033,6604035,6604054,6604061,6601062,6604096,6604097,6604098,8000286,8001017,8005674,8006268,8007151,8007810,8008000,8010518,8101519,8010398,LAM-10-1,LAM-35-1,LAM-35-22 etc.
CYBEROPTICS CBA20/CBA40 CAMERA/DEK CAMERA(GRAPHITE/GREEN/GOLD/HAWKEYE):145550/155826/181056/181062/190408/191010/191011/191012/191013/191014/191640/191641/191643/191644/198040/198041/198043/198044 etc.Model:8004806,8008629,8008630,8008633,8008634,8012979,8012980,8012982,8012983 etc.
CYBEROPTICS laser control card:KG7-M4547-100,6604067,6604071,6604083,6604099,8000289,8005171,8010494 etc.
The repair capability of our company is applicable for all industries: High tech equipment, JUKI,FUJI,PANASONIC,YAMAHA,UNIVERSAL,SIEMENS,SAMSUNG,SONY,SANYO,PHILIPS,DEK,MPM and any more.
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