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[SG3202] Meco EPL2400S Plating line for SnPb and Pb free 

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2005-07-01 00:00:01
Meco EDF+EPL 2100S Plating Line

• Products: Moulded Leadframes
• Base Materials: Cu or NiFe alloys
• Product Width: 70 mm
• Max. Loading Speed: 2400 str/hr
(2100 str/hr based on strip length 200 mm)
• Number of Strands: one
• Machine Length: approx. 17,8 meters in U-Shape
• Machine Width: approx. 2 meters
• Loading: 7 Magazines (Stack Type)
• Unloading: 7 Magazines (Stack Type)
• Vintage: late 1997
• The line is in EXCELLENT condition, as new, and subject to
full review and acceptance.
• The line is capable to run both SnPb and Pb-free each 50% capacity (separated cells) or full capacity 100% (2400 str/hr) on one SnPb or Pb-free process.
• Dismantled and Crated.
• System is Windows software based

Built Year : 1997
Location : USA
Quantity : 1
Condition : Excellent
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