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[SG4961] Fuji Chipshooter CP-643E for Sale 

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SMT / Chip Mounter
2004-02-02 00:00:02
We have recently purchased Fuji CP-643E chipshooter used in a major Korean electronics company in Mexico and it will arrive in Korea in the end of this month.

Fuji Chip Mounter CP-643E, S/N 863, 1999.05, 15,002hr, SYSTEM V1.17, Vision V2.94, 50pcs of 8 X 4 feeder included, Fully Operational and Well Maintained.

Dennis Kim / SurplusGLOBAL
Email: dennis.kim@surplusglobal.com

Built Year : 1999
Location :
Quantity :
Condition :
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