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[SG7450] DNS SSW80A Scruber 

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FAB / Stepper
2006-10-28 00:00:28
1. Manufacturing year :1998
2. Power requirements : 200V 1.6kVA & 100V 3.5kVA
3. Indexers :4Units
4. No of Robots : ?
5. Controller type : DNS standard(DOS)
6. Condition before power off : work Normaly
7. Flow(if possible, layout will be very helpful) →In view of in front of, two of the left are reverse units.
 Two of the right are brush units.
8. Scrubber options as below : how many Heads each on
; Front side : Back side : →2Units
(The surface and the back are used because of using combinedly.)
9. how many Reverse unit : 2Units
10. how many De-Sonic : 2Units
11. Brush(yes or no) : 2 Heads
12. Brush Pressure Control(yes or no) : None
13. High Pressure Jet(yes or no) : None
14. CO2 Bubbler(yes or no) : None
15. Brush Type : Nylon and PVA? Nylon

Built Year : 1998
Location : SG Narita warehouse in Japan
Quantity : 1
Condition : Excellent
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