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Title Korean used semiconductor equipment gathering, SEA Korea Chapter meeting was held last October 25th
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 On October 25th(Fri.), SEA Korea Chapter 2nd meeting was held at SurplusGLOBAL Osan, Korea, a global leader in the secondary semiconductor equipment market.

 In this meeting, ULVAC Korea President, Chung-ryul Baek gave a speech about “evolutionary psychology and company management”. He commented “Reading is my hobby. I especially enjoy reading in the field of science and technology, which I came up with the idea of combining evolutionary psychology and company management.”

 According to his lecture, after 30 years only 0.02% companies can survive and most of the businesses destroyed. Therefore, He advised that companies should be flexible and accept changes, reform, diversity, communication, personnel recruitment and open to competition.


 After, SurplusGLOBAL CEO, Bruce Kim had time to share the trend of used semiconductor equipment market based on global supply and demand. Most surveys showed high market growth, but this year actual sales of used equipment showed low growth and missing expectation. CEO Bruce Kim also mentioned that next year could be worse than this year. In this situation, the used equipment industry has also advanced to emerging businesses such as Photovoltaic.


 This gathering consisted of 18 representatives from the semiconductor equipment industry in Korea. After meeting they had a dinner together, socialized with industry news and discussed their challenges in the market.

SEA Korea Chapter was organized in 2010 and is comprised of representatives from more than 20 companies. They have regular meetings and share the views of the market through frequent networking.