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[SG10342] TEL Track ACT8 4C/4D (SMIF Type) 

Item No
FAB / Track
2009-03-13 15:02:13
Location : Osan, Korea
Serial No. : MD9201241
Vintage : 1999
Type of Chuck : Standard
SMIF Interface, loadport : OEM-4LP

Configuration: SMIF CSB, double bloc (PRB), IFB
SECS I and II Interface: Yes
SoftRevision: 204000r44 r51
RapRevision: 204000r44 r51
Controller Type: ACT Controller #02
Memory: 256MB

Unit 2-1: COT, 3 Resiste double source
Unit 2-2: COT, 3 Resiste double source
Unit 2-3: TCT, 1 Resist double source
Unit 2-4: BCT, 1 Resist double source, 1 Resist single source
Resist Pumps: RDS
DEV-Units: 4x DEV
Hot plates: PRB2 (4x CHP, 2x HHP, 4xCPL, 2xADH),
PRB3 (4xPCH, 3x LHP, 4xCPL)
Interface Block: 1x WEE, 2x Buffer (SBU)

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