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[SG10566] TABAI ESPEC Clean Bake Oven_ 

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2008-06-29 13:43:29
Product : CLEAN OVEN Equipment for OLED
Model : PVHC-331MS
Maker : ESPEC.

1. SYSTEM NAME : CLEAN OVEN System for ESPEC (Model Name: PVHC-331MS)
1. This specification describes ESPEC clean oven system to form OLED (organic light emitting devices) of patterning line
2. Applicable work size is 200mm x 230mm (thickness: 0.7mm) on this System.
3. The specification described here are shown as standard.
4. Conventional type clean oven.

1. Class 100 cleanliness.
2. A high level of cleanliness, even during heat-up and cooling.
3. Automatic operation is possible throughout the entire heat treatment process.
4. Air-tight construction prevents contamination.
5. Designed to require minimal installation space.
6. High-precision non-oxidizing atmosphere.
7. Comprehensive safety system.
8. Operation in clean-room environments.


item Specifications Remark
System Back-to-front laminar circulation system.
Power supply AC200/220/230V, Φ3, 3W, 50/60Hz
AC380V, Φ3, 4W, 50/60Hz.
Max. Power consumption 9.0kVA
Operatable ambient temp’
range 0 ~40 ْC
Temperature range RT+60 ْC ~300 ْC R.T: Room Temp
(23 ْC)
Temperature uniformity. 100 ْC ± 1.5 ْC
200 ْC ± 2.0 ْC
300 ْC ± 4.0 ْC
Temperature heat-up rate RT ~300 ْC within 80min
Cleanliness Temperature stabilized : Class 100
Temperature changing : Class 500 at 5 ْC/min
Exterior material Cold rolled rust-poof steel plate, Melamine resin coating
Interior material Stainless steel plate
Insulation medium Glass wool
Filter medium High-temperature HEFA filter.
Heater Sheathed heater
Air circulator Iron sirocco fan with heat resistant finish
Differential pressure gauge For indicating filter life
Damper Circulation/Ventilation(automatic)
Cable port Φ 25mm (Φ 1 in) on left panel X 1 pc
Inside dimension 800Wmm x700Dmm x 1080Hmm
Outside dimension 1030Wmm x 1210Dmm x 1880Hmm
Inside capacity (ℓ) 605
Weight(kg) 400
Safety -.Leakage breaker for power supply.
-.Air circulator thermal switch.
-. Electrical compartment door switch.
-. Fuse for control circuit.
-. Overheat protector
-. Over door switch.
-.Thermal fuse..
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