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[SG11896] Spare Parts 21 

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2009-11-01 07:33:01
CON-019 Vacuum Interface Module 8 Edwards A52844460 995013675, 995013666 Used
CON-020 Vacuum Interface Module 5 Edwards A5244463 995014502 Used
CON-028 Pump Skins 24(lot) Edwards iQDP80/iQDP40 Used
CON-035 Gap Assembly 1 LAM 4520/4520i 852-210011-501-1-231S Used
CON-038 Lamp Spot Cure Unit 1 Ushio SP-III SP3-251V 433635 Used
CON-042 Lamp Source and Power Supply 1 Ushio ML-251B/A Used
CON-049 Wafer Measurement Unit 1 NovaScan 210-13100-00 Measurement Unit Used
CON-051 Gear Motor 4(lot) Bison IPEC 372 M 011-336-2611 Used
CON-058 Wafer Sorter Scanner "A" 1 Newport 01-280-08 Used
CON-064 Convection Tube Interface Device 1 Lam 4520i Convection tube interface Used
CON-067 Monochromator 3(lot) Lam .2 meter 4520i EP200Mmd Used
CON-073 Heater Chuck 1 Edwards 233-2700-01 SRP-230-C288 Used
CON-093 Wafer Prealigner 1 Hitachi M-511E HT94221A Used
CON-094 Wafer Indexer 3 Hitachi M-511E THK LM Guide Actuator KR Used
CON-095 Switching Power Supply 2 Qualidyne 36002EFGJMPVX Used
CON-105 Fluid Sensor 2(lot) Fluoroware ES-1C-MD-00 New
CON-106 Heater Tape Line Controller 1 Keyence T2DC1-10784-10003 Used
CON-109 Turbopump Controller 1 Ebara 305W ZX91 Used
CON-112 Film Stress Machine Motor Control 1 FSM FSM8800 Used
CON-119 Gap Assembly 1 Lam 4520/4520i 853-140050-001-A-6882 Used
CON-120 Gap Assembly 1 Lam 4520/4520i 853-140050-001-A-6882 Used
CON-121 Gap Assembly 1 Lam 4520/4520i 853-140050-001-5-3611 Used
CON-126 Silicon Graphite Electrode 6 Lam 715-011909-501 New
CON-127 RF Match Source 2 AMAT 0010-09416 Used
CON-128 RF Match Source 1 AMAT 0010-09760 Used
CON-132 RPSC Applicator 4 AMAT RPSC Applicator 0010-02146 Used
CON-138 Vacuum Pump 1 Edwards IPUP E100 Implant Used
CON-141 Wafer Mounter 1 Longhill LH-832 Used
CON-143 Turbopump Controller 1 Leybold Turbotronik NT 340 Used
CON-144 Susceptor 1 AceCo S33-1754-14 Used
CON-148 UV Lamp Power Supply 2 Oriel 68805 Used
CON-150 Servo Motor Drive 3 Varian CM-MO-2620-BCYAN E11021780 REV A Used
CON-155 Transistor Inverter 4 Toshiba VFSX-2022UP1 Used
CON-159 RPSC Applicator 3 HNL Inc. for 5200 CVD 0040-18094/A Used
CON-161 Power Supply 4 Millipore INGEN2PSI Used
CON-162 Module screen 2 ASML 859-0481-006 Used
CON-163 Screen Module 2(lot) ASML Microscan II 859-0481-007 Used
CON-164 Vacuum Arm Assembly 1 Hine Design 2001-05-30 Used
CON-180 Coated Reflector 1 AMAT AQ-12 233453056 New
CON-190 Programmable Controller 2 Omron Sysmac C40K Used
CON-192 Controller 1 NSK EE0408C05-25 41450 Used
CON-196 Touchscreen Panel PC 1 Cyber Research STC 12-T Used
CON-198 Vacuum Interface Module 1 Edwards NGR409000 Used
CON-205 Electron Insulator Ring 1 TEL 1D05-300188-12 New
CON-206 Chemical Tank 2(lot) Alloy Products T316L 99-40350-01 Used
CON-208 Optical Sensor Counter 1 AMAT 0242-10487 Used
CON-209 Servo Motor 1 Berkeley Process ASM81-A-0/B-00-NB/10 Used
CON-212 Shifter Drivers 2(lot) Hoya Corporation PR-SD-001 Used
CON-217 Laser Power Supply 1 Kantum LP-5000N Used
CON-218 Camera Controller 1 Nikon 4S782-164 Used
CON-219 Indexer 1 SVG 99-54233-01 Platform Cassette Used
CON-221 Electron Insulator Ring 1 TEL ES3D05-35006-V1 New
CON-222 Electron Insulator Enclosure 1 TEL 3D05-300067-V1 New
CON-231 Transfer Arm 1 SVG 90S 99-38154-019002 Used
CON-236 MDX Master Magnetron 1 AE MDX-20kW Master 3152223-003-Y 35408 Used
CON-243 Susceptor 1 AceCo Precision 200mm S33-1641-11 Used
CON-245 Slurry Pump 2 MasterFlex Westech 372M 7017-21 Used
CON-246 Temp Controller Unit 1 RKC Instruments RCB-12 Used
CON-251 Dark Space Shield 1 TEL D117924 New
CON-252 Upper Ring Shield 1 TEL 3D05-250022-V1 500064134 New
CON-253 OXS Ring Cover 1 TEL 3D05-300243-V1 500045585 New
CON-254 Electron Enclosure Insulator 1 TEL 3D05-300142-V3 500045586 New
CON-259 Ergo Flipper (LHS) 1 KLK A-10 BR-012L Used
CON-260 ACT 8 Catch Cup 2 TEL ACT 8 200mm Used
CON-261 ACT 12 Catch Cup 5 TEL ACT 12 - 200 Used
CON-262 Bell Jar 1 AMAT Clean Kit Bell Jar 300mm CL0040-13509 Used
CON-264 SPU Shield Filler Ring 1 TEL D116050 GV New
CON-273 Gas Chamber Top Assembly 1 AMAT 9010-00853ITL Used
CON-274 Vacuum Pump Controller 2 Edwards D37209000 Used
CON-277 Heater Chuck 1 Unkown 02-287781-00A Used
CON-279 Industrial Motors 2(lot) Baldor 1/12HP 97-PSM-0 Used
CON-287 Optical Interface Emulator 2(lot) Semi E23-91 Used
CON-289 Circuit Breaker 7(lot) Square D 120VAC FAL22020 Used
CON-290 Circuit Breaker 7(lot) Square D 115V FAL22020 Used
CON-291 Circuit Breaker 10(lot) Square D 240VAC FAL22020 Used
CON-292 Heater Chuck Plate 1 Unkown 02-159684-00D Used
CON-293 Vacuum Pump Controller 1 Edwards D37209100 Used
CON-297 SIOC Controller 1 Novellus SIOC C4D-1 SIOC 02-136537-00N Used
CON-298 Photo Resist Pump 1 Cybor 5116 Used
CON-299 Photo Resist Pump 1 Cybor 5116CE Used
CON-301 Centrifugal Pump 1 Lowara SV206N07TSP.75KW Used
CON-302 Vacuum Interface Module 1 Edwards A52844413 Used
CON-303 Centrifugal Pump 1 Lowara with motor SV206N07TSP.75KW Used
CON-306 Heater Chuck Assembly 1 Unkown 167370206223 Used
CON-311 Photo Resist Pump 1 Cybor 5016C 972946 Used
CON-313 Compression Head Module 4 Cymer SVGL 05-03121-08 Used
CON-316 Programmable Controller 1 Omron Sysmac C28H-C6DR-DE Used
CON-318 Thermo-Con Power Supply 1 SMC Thermo-Con INR-244-230W FX-0662 Used
CON-319 Vacuum Flash Module 1 Edwards D37215000 Used
CON-323 Wafer Transfer Arms 2(lot) SVG 99-38154-01 9002 Used
CON-328 Inverter Drive 1 Fuji Electric FVR K75 RFVR002K7S-2 470125R8 Used
CON-330 Wafer Prealigner 1 SVG 859-9426-005 DJ 2092 Used
CON-331 Wafer Indexer 4 SVG 99-20008-01 Used
CON-332 Chemical Tank 3(lot) Alloy Products Nitrogen tanks T316L 135Psi Nitrogen Used
CON-333 Lamp Tray Assembly 3 Gasonics A95-205-01 Used
CON-335 Motor Driver 1 NSK EMLZ10CF1-05 Z1747-839 Used
CON-339 Susceptor 1 AceCo 200mm S33-1891-11 6P-018228-65 New
CON-352 Wafer Robot 1 Kensington 300mm 25-3700-1425-08 00-633-04BT MP Used
CON-353 Wafer Robot 1 SVG Microscan II 879-0427-001 AP2152 Used
CON-355 Robot Assembly 2 Kokusai Vertron DD-803V Used
CON-356 Robot Assembly 3 Kokusai Vertron DD-803V Used
CON-358 Vacuum Interface Module 20 Edwards A52844413 Used
CON-359 Vacuum Interface Module 3 Edwards A52844410 Used
CON-361 Vacuum Flash Module 8 Edwards D37215000 Used
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