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[SG11897] Spare Parts 22 

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2009-11-01 07:37:01
CON-365 PLC 1 Modicon PC-A984-120 Used
CON-367 Light Curtain System 1 STI MiniSafe-B 32" MS4332B 63697 SS Used
CON-370 Light Curtain System 1 STI MiniSafe-B 16" MS4316B 070924 WS Used
CON-371 Light Curtain System 1 STI MiniSafe-B MS4316B-2 AC074467 Used
CON-379 Lamp Tray Assy. 3(lot) Gasonics A95-053-02 Used
CON-380 Photo Resist Pump 1 Millipore INGEN2PU0 Used
CON-382 Photo Resist Pump 2 Millipore SH5M055R9 Used
CON-386 Teach Pendant 1 Pri Precision Robots 281574 Used
CON-387 Power Supply 1 Lambda MML600 7079190030 Used
CON-388 Power Supply 2(lot) Kepco HSF 5-10, HSF 24-4.2 New
CON-389 Cryopump Module 3 CTI Cryogenics 8113160G001 On-Board Module Used
CON-390 Cryopump Module 1 CTI Cryogenics 8113056G002 On-Board Module 108E9700051 Used
CON-393 Contactor 6(lot) Allen-Bradley 100-A75N series C Used
CON-396 Servo Amplifier 1 Automotion ALC12DE-010-131 601200800 Used
CON-398 Exhaust controllers 4(lot) PTI Sentry 1000 Used
CON-400 Asher Control Panel 3(lot) GaSonics Aura 2000-LL A95-107-01 Used
CON-403 Power Supply 1 Komatsu GR-712-1 0350076 Used
CON-407 Light Curtain System 1 STI miniSafe-B MS4316B 070782WS, 070802WS Used
CON-408 Light Curtain System 3 STI MiniSafe-B MS4300B-2 Series MS4332B-2 Used
CON-409 Light Curtain System 1 STI miniSafe-B MS4332B 070789 WS Used
CON-410 Light Curtain System 1 STI miniSafe-B MS4316B 070802 WS, 63855 SS Used
CON-411 Light Curtain System 3 STI miniSafe-B MS4332 070790 WS, 070800 WS, 070953 WS Used
CON-412 Light Curtain System 1 STI MiniSafe-B MS4300B-2 Series MS4316B-2 AC001396, AC008205, AC008204 x 2, AC074365 x 2 Used
CON-413 Light Curtain System 1 STI MiniSafe-B MS4300B-2 Series MS4316B-2 63855 SS, 072414 RS Used
CON-414 Light Curtain System 1 STI MiniSafe-B MS4300B-2 Series MS4316B-2 AC010212 Used
CON-415 RF Generator 1 ENI OEM-650 OEM-6A-11491-51 5182 Used
CON-418 Light Curtain Pair 1 STI MiniSafe-B 32" MS4332B-2 Used
CON-419 Light Curtain Pair 1 STI MiniSafe-B 32" MS4332B Used
CON-420 Light Curtain 3 STI MiniSafe-B 16" MS4316B Used
CON-423 Light Curtain 5 STI MiniSafe-B 8" MS4038B Used
CON-426 Light Curtain Pair 12 STI MiniSafe-B 28" MS4328B Used
CON-427 Light Curtain Lot 1 STI MiniSafe-B 32" MS4332B, MS4332B-2 Used
CON-428 Light Curtain Controller 1 STI MS43-B2-AC1 Used
CON-429 Light Curtain Controller 1 STI MS4332B-2 Used
CONA-018, 019, 020 Turbopump 4(lot) Welch Vacuum TurboTorr 3133-8C Used
CONA-045 PCB 49 HP Versatest 256K Vector Pattern E7080-63516 Used
CONA-067 Power Supply 1 SanKen PS-200S Used
CONA-070 Card Cage, TEL 1 TEL P-8I various cards Used
CONA-078 Pneu. Cylinder 2 SMC NCDQ2B125-UIA97 Used
CONA-079 Robot 1 AMAT 5000 Robot 0010-76015 15395-06 Used
CONA-091 Air amplifier 1 Haskel AAD-2 ATR AMP 27360 Used
CONA-094 Chamber 1 AMAT 0010-22569 31-BLF Used
CONA-095 Power Supply 2 ENI Used
CONA-099 Vacuum Pump 1(lot w/ 100) Alcatel 1004AUM 167111 Used
CONA-100 Vacuum Pump 1(Lot w/ 99) Alcatel 2004A 99304 Used
CONA-103 Turbopump 1 Used
CONA-107 Power Supply 1 TEL MSE181E Used
CONA-114 I/O Block 1 AMAT Device Net I/O Block DIP294 Used 0190-36511
CONA-116 MFC 4(LOT) STEC SEC-4400 SEC-4400M Used
CONA-118 Laser Autofocus 1 Axsys Model 8000 Used
CONA-123 MFC 2(LOTS OF 5) STEC SV-P1000 Used
CONA-126 End Point Detector 2 TEL EPD210S Used
CONA-146 PCB 9 Hitachi ST Sensor Board 569-5510 Used
CONA-149 MFC 2(lot) Tylan 2979 Used
CONA-151 Servo Drive 2 Yaskawa ServoPack DR1-08AC Used
CONA-152 DC Power Supply 2 Kyosan Electrics High Volt DC Power Supply Used
CONA-153 DC Power Supply 5 Lambda HR-12F-36 Used
CONA-158 Optical Module 3 TEL M8C3 Used
CONA-159 PCB 4 TEL INKR DRV/SACC Interconnect 3208-000090-12 Used
CONA-162 PCB, Motor Driver 3 TEL/Sanyo Denki Pentasyn PMM-BD-5705-1 Used
CONA-165 PCB 3 TEL PCB AIR/HF INTERCONNECT 3208-000091-11 Used
CONA-166 PCB 2 TEL PCB Y INTERCONNECT 1 3208-000110-13 Used
CONA-167 PCB 1 TEL PCB Indexer Interconnect 3208-000083-11 Used
CONA-168 PCB 1 TEL PCB Y INTERCONNECT 2 3208-000088-12 Used
CONA-169 PCB 1 TEL PCB Pre Align AMP 78 3208-001195-11 Used
CONA-170 Power Supply 3 Nemic-Lambda LWD30-0524 Used
CONA-171 Power Supply 1 Nemic-Lambda WRM24SX-U Used
CONA-172 Power Supply 3 Nemic-Lambda HK50A-12/A Used
CONA-173 Air Manifold 3 TEL P-8 manifold Used
CONA-175 Camera Module 4 TEL Panasonic Camera Cont. GP-MF212A KLA PCB 710-805314-00 (BCB II b) Used
CONA-176 Y Wafer Stage Motor 10 Panasonic MSM021P2A Used
CONA-177 X Wafer Stage Motor 4 Panasonic MSM011P1A Used
CONA-179 P8 Bridge Standard 3 TEL P8 Bridge Standard 3280-001132 Rev 11 Used
CONA-181 Loader Rack 5 TEL Used
CONA-183 PCB 3 Hitachi SEM Power Relay PCB 560-5530 Used
CONA-184 PCB 5 Hitachi NDEF-PS 560-5533 Used
CONA-185 Throttle Valve 2 Fuji Seiki 100mm 1012851 Used
CONA-186 PCB 5 Hitachi ME I/F Interface 569-5516 Used
CONA-188 I/O Board 1 TEL Pump I/O Conn. Board CT2980-091284-11 Used
CONA-189 PCB 1 TEL I/O Board TKB3100 AP9E-0318C-12 Used
CONA-191 Wafer Prober Stage 1 TEL P8 200mm Used
CONA-192 PCB 1 Hitachi MHVC 560-5510 Used
CONA-193 PCB 2 Hitachi MHVP2 560-5509 Used
CONA-198 PCB 3 Hitachi EVNC3 569-5519 Used
CONA-199 PCB 5 Hitachi ST Sensor Board 568-5590 Used
CONA-201 Servo Controller 1 Yaskawa S-9300 Part BC930310 S04129501 Used
CONA-204 EVAC Control Unit 5 Hitachi S-9300 Used
CONA-205 Power Supply 3 Hitachi S-9300 Used
CONA-206 Control Panel 1 Hitachi S9300 - STPANEL 569-5504 Used
CONA-207 Prealigner 1 Hitachi S-9300 Used
CONA-208 Robot Track 1 Hitachi IKO S-9300 TSL220/A10 Used
CONA-211 EVAC Control Panel 1 Hitachi 569-5518 Used
CONA-218 Pump Controller 3 Edwards D37209000 Used
CONA-231 RF Match 1 AMAT Sub Zero 0010-06018 Used
CONA-246 Power Supply 1 TDK RDH24-6R0 Used
CONA-248 DC Power Supply 2 Tec Izu 4S064-644 New
CONA-251 Controller 1 Nikon NSR Series IU-IOP2 4S064-631-1 Used
CSP-005 Controller 1 Richmond Pulse Flow Controller Used
CSP-006 Interface 1 Comtrol RST232/422 Used
CSP-007 Interface 1 Comtrol RST232/422 Used
CSP-033 Temperature Controller 1 RKC Inst. D100F-8N*DN-NN-NN Used
CSP-042 Controller 1 Newport Infinity New
CSP-043 Controller 1 Newport Infinity New
CSP-056 Gauge 1 Inficon Sky Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge CR091D New
CSP-060 Valve 1 Autoflow FS6804CV-3 New
CSP-076 Temperature Controller 1 Ten
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