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[SG11899] Spare Parts 24 

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2009-11-01 07:40:01
CSP-316 Valve 1 Saes Getters SHC504M90404-7 Used
CSP-317 a-d Valve 4 Saes Getters UHP504C606-10 Used
CSP-318 a, b Valve 2 Nupro 6L-LD8-5457 New
CSP-320 Net Switch 1 D-Link DE-816TP Used
CSP-321 Net Switch 1 Bay Networks 800 Used
CSP-322 Bearing Block 3 Dayton 1" Bore Ball Bearing Pillow Block 4X726 New
CSP-325 Valve Stack 1 SMC Pneumatic Valve Stack New
CSP-327 a, b Valve 2 Veriflo High Pressure Valve 944MSFS8FFLK New
CSP-328 Valve 12 Veriflo High Pressure 917A0PLPNC/NCS6598 New
CSP-341 Solenoid Driver 3 Bepperl Fuchs K-Series No. 70979 Solenoid Driver KHD4-IVR / Ex 118 Used
CSP-342 Solenoid Driver 2 Bepperl Fuchs Solenoid Driver KFD2-SD Used
CSP-343 Solenoid Driver 1 Bepperl Fuchs K-Series Solenoid Driver KHD3-ISD Used
CSP-345 Valve 1 Parker Veriflo QC2 6A-PR5-EPRT-SS-2801 New
CSP-347 Objective 1 Carl Zeiss Epiplan-HD 8/0.2 160/- 46 03 69-9904 Used
CSP-348 Objective 1 Unitron 802438 M40/0.65 170 Used
CSP-349 Thermocouple Input 1 Omega Thermocouple Input OM5-ITC-R-C Used
CSP-350 Process Probe 1 SensArray Type K Process Probe Series 1501 New
CSP-351 Cable 2 Kensington Labs Track Robot Z-Axis Cable New
CSP-354 Valve 1 Nupro N74018 6L-LDA-1B1PX-K New
CSP-358 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron Pressure Transducer Type 750B11 Used
CSP-361 PM Driver 3 Sanyo Denki PMDPA1C3P20 Used
CSP-367 Valve 1 MDC 1" HV Series Inline Valve 321053 Used
CSP-368 Valve 1 Nor-Cal Stainless Isolation Valve 050127-22 Used
CSP-369 Valve 1 Nor-Cal Stainless Isolation Valve 050127-23 Used
CSP-370 Valve 1 Nor-Cal Stainless Isolation Valve 050127-24 Used
CSP-371 Valve 1 Nor-Cal Stainless Isolation Valve 050127-25 Used
CSP-374 Valve 1 Nor-Cal Stainless Isolation Valve 050127-21 Used
CSP-379 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron Vacuum Isolation 1 TORR SET 627A/750B Used
CSP-381 Controller 1 Seiko Turbomolecular Pump Control Unit STC-L Used
CSP-383 Controller 1 Leybold Coolvac SC System Controller 844230 New
CSP-387 Filter 2 Millipore Wafergard In-Line Gas Filter WGFG06WC1 New
CSP-390 Valve 2 Fuji Seiki Butterfly Pneumatic Valve BV-4AX0-HF Used
CSP-391 Valve 1 Fuji Seiki Butterfly Pneumatic Valve BV-4AX0-HF 150188 Used
CSP-394 Capacitor 1 Vishay-Dale Draloric Ceramic Transmitting Capacitor PE100 300pf R 42 New
CSP-396 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron Pressure Transducer 852B New
CSP-398 Manometer 1 MKS i-Baratron Digital Manometer DMA-23163 DeviceNet Used
CSP-400 a-f Valve 6 Carten Duplex DPV New
CSP-402 Shaft 2 Oriental Motor Gearhead Parallel Shaft 9:1 5GN9KA GN New
CSP-403 Inlet Plate 1 CTI 80K Condensing Array Inlet Plate New
CSP-404 Valve 1 Nor-Cal Stainless Isolation Valve 050127-20 New
CSP-405 Meter 1 Proteus Industries Flow Meter 100 Series New
CSP-408 Objective 1 Leica PL-FLUOTAR 20x/0.45 D 768009 Used
CSP-409 Objective 1 Leitz Wetzlar PL FLUOTAR 5x/0.12 567008 Used
CSP-410 Objective 1 Leitz Wetzlar PL FLUOTAR 3.2x/0.06 569161 Used
CSP-414 Isolation Valve 1 Edwards Isolation Valve for LAM 9600 PV40PKS-LAM Used
CSP-415 Sensor 1 SUNX Area Sensor Emitter and Reciever NA2-20D & NA2-20P Used
CSP-416 Cable 1 TRK Robot Z-Axis Control Cable AMP 35-5008-1013-00 Used
CSP-420 Valve Set 1 SMC Pneumatic 14 Valve Set 10-VZ110 New
CSP-423 Valve 1 Carten High Purity Open/Close Valve 250 PSI V80590 New
CSP-424 Tube 1 Signet Ionization Gauge 1" Glass Tube 37-5319 New
CSP-429 Vacuum Controller 1 Edwards 503 MBAR TORR Vacuum Controller D39503000 Used
CSP-430 Vacuum Controller 1 Edwards 501 Pirani Vacuum Controller D39511000 Used
CSP-436 Valve 1 Fujikin High Purity Vent Valve FP-UDDF-71-9.52-NL New
CSP-437 a, b Controller 2 Kokusai Overheat Protector DN-130 P Used
CSP-440 Controller 1 Unknown Torch Controller CX1304A 64110040 Used
CSP-441 Motor Driver 1 Vexta Stepping Motor Driver 5-Phase UDX5107N New
CSP-444 Vacuum Controller 1 BOC Edwards Model 1570 Used
CSP-454 Temperature Controller 1 Kokusai Accuron CQ-1500A Used
CSP-455 a, b Temperature Controller 2 Kokusai Accuron CQ-1400A Used
CSP-456 Signal Conditioner 1 MKS Signal Conditioner 10 TORR Type 221 Refurbished
CSP-457 Signal Conditioner 1 MKS Signal Conditioner 10 TORR Type 221 Refurbished
CSP-459 Valve 1 Fujikin High Purity Gas Valve FPR-71-9.25 New
CSP-461 Valve 1 Kokusai Kuroda Oil Free Solenoid Valve New
CSP-463 Objective 1 Vickers Instruments Objective Used
CSP-467 Zoom Lens 1 Leitz Leica 1/2 Inch Bayonet Mount Bayonet Zoom 541038 Used
CSP-472 Valve 2 HVA Gate Valves Used
CSP-473 Cable 1 Uknown 0224-42191W Used
CSP-474 Temperature Controller 5 Watlow 93BB-1CD1-00BR New
CSP-477 Temperature Controller 2 Watlow 935A New
CSP-478 Lens 1 Schneider - Kreuznach Componar-S Lens Used
CSP-479 Valve 1 Used
CSP-480 Zoom Lens 1 Minolta 200mm Zoom Lens New
CSP-481 Software 1 MiniCom PC Parts, Software New
CSP-483 Servo Drive 2 Sanyo Denki PV1A015SM61P50 Used
CSP-484 Servo Drive 1 Sanyo Denki PV1A015SM61P50 Used
CSP-485 Servo Drive 1 Sanyo Denki Unkown Used
CSP-486 Temperature Controller 2 Watlow Din-A-Mite 5704-2 New
CSP-489 Beam Splitter 1 Hewlett-Packard Beam Splitter Used
CSP-490 Gauge 4 Ametek IPS-24SGFT1 E57 151074 New
CSP-491 Gauge 1 Ametek IPS-24SGFT1 L26 151074 New
CSP-492 Temperature Controller 1 Watlow 93AB-1CD1-00RR New
CSP-494 Unkown 1 Edwards HIT02 Used
CSP-495 Temperature Controller 1 Uknown New
CSP-497 Power Supply 2 Uknown Used
CSP-498 Power Supply 2 Power One HE24-7.2-A Used
CSP-499 Computer 3 HP Used
CSP-500 Computer 2 HP Used
CSP-501 Servo Drive 2 Panasonic D249 MUDB3A5A1D01 Used
CSP-502 Servo Drive 1 Panasonic D249 MQDB015A1D01 Used
CSP-503 Servo Drive 1 Yaskawa SGDA-02A5 Used
CSP-504 Baratron 1 Baratron 120AD-00001RCU Used
CSP-506 Sensor 1 Precise Sensors Inc. 3221-100-01-GA-4SF-B4 Used
CSP-507 Pneumatic Valve 3 SMC Used
CSP-509 Flash Module 1 BOC Edwards Network Flash Module Face iQDP D37215000 New
CSP-510 Temperature Controller 1 Watlow DCIL 5020-V300 Used
CSP-512 Motor Driver 2 Vexta Stepping Motor Driver A3761-9315-IG Used
CSP-514 Camera Module 2 Sony CCD Vision Camera Module XC-75 Used
CSP-516 Power Supply 4 Pacific Scientific SC402-010 Used
CSP-517 Interface 4 Digitron 4501 Used
CSP-519 Circuit Breaker 3 Cutler-Hammer 3-Pole
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