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[SG12764] Varian VIISion 80 High Current Implanter 

Item No
FAB / Implanter
2010-06-15 16:12:15
Serial No : 78060
Vintage : 1996
Spec : High Current Imp.

VIISion80(#078060,THI601) Inspection Report

Model VIISion80 Software Version 5.50.01
Serial Number 78060 Vintage May-1996
Process High Current Imp. Customer Hynix/M7

Unit Item Configuration Remark
Vacuum Pump Terminal Dry Pump type Edwards, iQDP80(QMB500) 1EA
Chamber Dry Pump type Edwards, iQDP80(QMB500) 1EA
L/L Dry Pump type Varian, Tri Scroll pump 1EA
Terminal Diffseal Pump Varian, Diaphram pump 1EA
Source Turbopump Varian Turbo-V1800A 1EA
Beam Line Turbopump#1 Varian Turbo-V1000 1EA
Beam Line Turbopump#2 Varian Turbo-V1000 1EA
L/L Turbopump Varian, V250 1EA
Process Chamber Cryopump CTI, On-Board, 250F 4EA
Cryopump Compressor CTI, 9600 2EA
Gas System Gas Connection Type MFC Type
Gas Channel#1 : AsH3 Gas VCR 1/2" High Pressure, UFC-8160
Gas Channel#2 : PH3 Gas VCR 1/2" High Pressure, UFC-8160
Gas Channel#3 : Ar Gas CGA580 High Pressure, UFC-8160
Gas Channel#4 : BF3 Gas CGA330 High Pressure, UFC-8160
PFG Gas : Xe Gas CGA580 High Pressure, UFC-8160
Password Level#3 999, 3
Level#2 2
General Information Software Version 5.50.01
Memory Upgrade Yes
Gas Box Type Option Type used 3X, 4X size Bottle
CVCF Option Yes
Wafer Size 200mm
Service Monitor Yes
Main CB 90 Amps
CVCF CB 50 Amps
Auto Disc Angle Motor Yes
Host Used, SECS
Source Head Type Dual Bernas
Faraday System Magnet Bias, PFG
Signal Tower Used, Front(Red,Yellow,Green,Blue)
W/H CPU MVME 147-012A(8M)
Throughput(WPH) N6, 230WPH
Disc Site Type Hook Site, 13Sites
Elevator Type Modified 25
Lower Slide Pin Yes
Laser Align Kit No
W/H Align Kit No
SMIF Type None
Utility Supply Type Bottom
Remote Pallet No
Power 208Vac 3Phase 5wire, 50/60Hz, 35kVA
Water 40~100psi
Air 90~125psi
PN2 50~100psi
GN2 50~100psi
Exhaust 1600cfm
Missing Parts
1.Filament + Load Terminal
2.Rotating Mass Slit Assy
3.Pig tail and MFC in the Gas Channel#1
4.Main CB failed
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