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[SG4032] Varian E220 HP Medium Current Ion Implanter 

Item No
FAB / Stepper
2006-11-02 00:00:02
Machine Configuration
Serial Number 037235
Machine Model E220HP
Input Power 220 VAC / 50 Hz
Wafer Size 200mm
Process Chamber Cryo Pump Type SUZUKI Cryo pump(10” Inlet port)
Source Rough. pump type EBARA dry
Source Turbo Seiko Seiki STP1000
B/L Rough. pump type N/A
B/L Turbo Seiko Seiki STP1000
Load-lock Rough. Pump type EBARA dry
Load-lock Hi-Vac. pump Type SUZUKI Cryo pump(4” Inlet port)
Stage pump Type EBARA dry with booster
Roplat Harmonic drive
Clamp Type(Full Perimeter, Multi-point, E-Clamp) ESC Clamp
Source type(bernas, freeman) Bernas
Vaporizer(single, dual, none) Dual
Scanner(Trek Solid State, Tube) Trek solid state
Setup Faraday(Cooled, Non-cooled) Water Cooled
Gas Box(E220, E220 jumbo, E500, HP/EHP) HP Standard
HP/EHP Gas Box Style(2 bottle, 2 bottle SDS, 4 bottle, 4 bottle SDS) 4 Bottle High Pressure
Computer(pentium, 486, 386) Pentium with LCD monitor
Options(As manufactured)
2 Step Beam Reducer Yes
Beam Energy Probe No
Auto Decel No(Manual decel)
Remote Pump/Compressors No
Service Monitor) Yes(standard wide)
Video Camera No
Resolving Aperture Turbo Yes
Electron Flood Gun No
Exhaust Leak Detector Yes
Signal Tower Yes
VA Scanning Faraday No
TVL Scanning Faraday Yes
Metals Reduction No
UHP Vent Yes
26 Wafer Cassettes 25 Wafer Cassette

Enhancements(Field Installed)
Cassette/Tilt Sensor Upgrade No
Cassette Presence Sensor Yes
Control System with Version 10 Yes
Cooled Platen N/A
Cryo N2 Heater Yes
EHP Beam Current No
EHP Bernas Source (no vaporizer) No
EHP Metals No
EHP Source Bushing No
EHP Wafer Sensors No
Electrostatic Chuck No
Load Lock Turbos - std EHP No

Built Year : 1995. 09
Location : 나리타 (일본) 창고
Quantity : 1
Condition : Operational
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