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Title KT exports second hand network equipment to USA
Source The Electric Times Date
The second hand network equipment used by KT is reversibly exported to USA.
KT Global Business Team exported dial up modem equipment of 20 Thousand ports to telecommunication service providers in USA through Surplusglobal, Inc. (CEO Kim Jeong-Woong), a distributor for unused equipment, for the effective disposal of unused network equipment.
While the unused network equipment handling becomes the outstanding issue for the communication service providers and equipment makers, it drew attention because KT, the largest telecommunication service provider, successfully exported the second hand network equipment to overseas market. In addition, it is expected that the sales of second hand network equipment held by domestic common carriers and network integration service providers to the overseas markets will be more activated because of successful sales of second hand equipment of KT to overseas markets.
The equipment that KT exported was ‘MAX TNT’, a dial up modems that were imported from Lucent Technologies, USA, in late 1990s. This equipment was not used any more in Korea because of the introduction of ADSL service. However, it is known that it has been used relatively much in other countries.
CEO Kim Jeong-Woong of Surplusglobal which carried out the export of second hand equipment of KT as an agent said, “ 10 Thousand ports among equipment exported this time were provided to a telecommunication service provider in California, USA and another 10 Thousand ports were provided to small ISP in Ohio. The export price was about 10% higher than the price that KT paid when it imported.” 
Moreover, he added, “the export of second hand equipment by KT will suggest new alternative to settle the serious problem of telecommunication service providers and NI service providers having excessive number of second hand network equipment since 2000.”

Reported on: 18/Sep./2002