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Title SECC and SEMI Agree Partnership to Foster Secondary Equipment Cluster in Korea
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    SECC(Secondary Equipment Cluster Council) entered into an MOU with SEMI at the world’s premier micro-electronics event, SEMICON West (July 12 – 14, San Francisco, and committed to cooperate in support of building a global secondary semiconductor equipment cluster. 

   SECC is composed of 6 companies from Korea, North America, etc., to be extended to 25 companies in the future. Through the MOU conducted on the first day of SEMICON West, SEMI and SECC will assist to build up a global hub for refurbishment and distribution of semiconductor equipment. SECC is pushing forward a contract to sign a site of 150,000m2 in Gyeonggi-do area and move in at the second half of 2013.

   The current global secondary semiconductor equipment market is valued at a minimum of $3 billion and expected to grow. Most equipment suppliers have suspended producing 8” wafer semiconductor equipment, so secondary semiconductor equipment has played a key role in reuse of 6”, 8” semiconductor wafer equipment, and second generation growth industries such as LED, MEMS, Solar, have an increased influence on the market.  The Secondary Equipment Cluster provides advantages through smooth cooperation between semiconductor equipment refurbish companies, the competitiveness of the growing used semiconductor equipment industry and a “one-stop solution” provided to customers over the world.

   SEMI will support the promotion of the cluster and attraction of world leading companies, and create various programs and events related to secondary semiconductor equipment industry based on cooperation with the cluster as part of promoting the overall dynamic nature of the secondary semiconductor equipment market. 
In line with this trend, the SECC(Participating companies : SurplusGLOBAL Inc, ETech Solution Inc, EDD Ltd, Greenspec Inc, TSTech Inc, Semicat Inc, etc.) was established last September. The partnership with SEMI has helped to attract the further investement of world semiconductor equipment companies.

Representative, Bruce Kim, SurplusGLOBAL Inc representing SECC said “This business alliance is expected global leading corporations will smoothly invest, escalating semiconductor fab’s concerns. Also mutual surviving and assisting effect, growth of associated industries, and green growth etc.  between participating companies, will be achieved through this cluster”.
   For details about this business alliance and the semiconductor refurbishment cluster, please contact Derek Lee at the SECC Secretariat (


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