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[SG11893] Spare Parts 19 

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2009-11-01 07:29:01
8724 Pump 1 White Knight AP50 New
8731 Pressure Controller 1 Nor-Cal Intellisys APC-001-P.2 215006 New
8732 Gas Analyzer 1 Leybold Inficon 915-600-G1 Used
8733 Indexer 1 Asyst ALU 2150 NON TILT 1101-41307 Used
8734 Power Supply 4 Daihen ATP-15B TC1011A4, TC1061J1, TC1049A6, TC1061J4 Used
8738 RF Match 1 Daihen RMN-50MR MF363002 Used
8739 RF Generator 1 AE 3150262-002B 280131 Used
8741 Cryopump 1 CTI Cryogenics 8116030G001 On-Board 8F Cryopump PA9634992 Used
8743 Turbopump 2 Varian TV 300HT 9699037S008 211223, 230169 New
8745 Ion Pump Controller 1 Varian 929-7003M001 218990 Used
8748 Turbopump 1 Varian TV301 NAV 9698918 236183 New
8749 Turbopump 1 Seiko Seiki STP-F2203C 0000059772 Used
8750 Cryopump 1 CTI Cryogenics 8116019G001 On-Board 8F Cryopump PA9425500 Used
8757 Turbopump Cont. 1 Edwards SCU-F2203C 0000059782 Used
1033A Monitor 1 Earth Computer Tech MTR-EVUE-6.5 New
2057A LAM Focus Ring 1 LAM OUTER FOCUS RING 413-054-00-2-0 New
2203X PCB, LAM Etcher 1 LAM 55241 810-329-1 Used
2230-2 Oscilloscope 1 Kenwood DUAL TRACE OSCILLOSCOPE CS-4025 3010324 Used
2987A Load Port 1 PRI Asyst PRE-301B-CE Used
3427A RF Generator 1 Comdel CLX-2500 CLX2500 13360356, 13360231 Used
3528b Megatorque Motor 1 NSK RZ0810FN507 85103 Used 0190-14344
357A Servo Drive 1 Yaskawa SGDA-01AP New
3837A Turbopump Cont. 1 Seiko Seiki STP-A2203PV Used 3620-00093W boc edwards
3845B Turbopump Cont. 1 Seiko Seiki STP-A2503PV Used
4133B Oxygen Analyzer 1 Dycor CG-1000 RTP 10201961A-1 Used
4155B GHW RF Generator 1 ENI GHW-12Z GHW12Z-13DF2N0-001 C823 Rev M Used 0190-09832
4247X Servo Drive 1 Sanyo Denki PMDPA1C3PA0 Used
4248X Servo Drive 1 Yaskawa SGDS-01F31A-Y530 Used
4251X Servo Drive 2 Yaskawa SGDS-01A31A Used
4252X Servo Drive 1 Yaskawa SGDS-01A72A Used
591A Vacuum Cntr. Manifold 1 Festo 273515 Used
591B Vacuum Cntr. Manifold 1 Festo 273515 Used
591C Vacuum Cntr. Manifold 1 Festo 273515 Used
7387a ECS Theta/Z Retrofit Assy 1 KLA-Tencor 740-657758-00 G0 Used
7387b ECS Theta/Z Retrofit Assy 1 KLA-Tencor 780-688026-001 Used
A-002 Motor I/O Board 2 TEL - AP9E-0318C-12 TKB3100 Used
A-003 Ghost Repeater Board 2 TEL THE-TGR-A-11 TAB1600 Used
A-004 DC Power Branch Board 2 TEL 2981-600328-11 Used
A-005 DC/DC Converter Board 1 TEL Cosel DC/DC Converters - ZUS252412, ZUS152405 2981-600310-12 Used
A-006 Servo Drive 5 Yaskawa Servopack CACR-02-TE1K Used
A-007 Etcher 1 LAM 4520 Wafer Etcher Tool 4520F5/F7 Used
A-010 FCC Extension Board 1 TEL FDD Extension Board 2981-600374-11 Used
A-011 DD Servo Actuator 1 Yokogawa TEL ACT 8 12 SR1200A02 Used
A-013 PCB 3 TEL Board Connection PCB BLT/L 2981-600534-11 Used
A-015 Exhaust Controller 1 Progressive Technologies, Inc. Sentry 1000 12612G01 Used
A-016 Spinner I/O Board 8 TEL Spinner I/O Board CPC-G223B01B-13 Used
A-017 PRB Panel I/O Board 2 TEL PRB Panel I/O Board THE-PRB-A-11 Used
A-018 DC Backup Module 1 TDK MSE181D 08A03868 Used
A-019 Chemical I/O Board 2 TEL CPC-T0001A-13 Used
A-020 Robot Module 1 TEL 200mm Clean Track TEL ACT 12 Robot Assembly Used
A-023 Servo Drive 1 ESA NSK Y Servo Driver ESA-LYB2AF6-20 Used
A-024 Servo Drive 1 ESA NSK ESA-J2006AF3-20 Used
A-025 Robot 1 TEL Wafer Transfer Robot Assembly 200mm Used
A-026 Oven I/O Board 1 TEL Oven I/O Board CPC-G227B01A-11 Used
A-028 Robot Handler Module 1 TEL 200mm Used
A-029 Photo Resist Pump 4(lot) TEL Used
A-030 Theta Drive Assy 1 TEL TEL ACT 8 12 2985-411327-W1 Used
A-031 Servo Drive 2(lot) Yaskawa TEL ACT 8 12 2980-193384-11 Used
A-032 Servo Drive 1 NSK TEL ACT 8 12 2980-194874-11 Used
A-035 Power Supply 7 SMC TEL ACT 8 INR-244-230W Used
A-036 Power Supply 6 SMC TEL ACT 12 INR-244-216C Used
A-037 Controller 1 SMC TEL ACT 8 12 INR-244-218E Used
A-038 Cooling Circulator 5 SMC TEL ACT 8 12 INR-244-215W Used
A-039 Inverter 2 Fuji Electric TEL ACT 8 12 FVR-E9S Used
A-042 PCB 1 TEL Chemical I/O PCB CPC-T0001A-13 Used
A-043 PCB 1 TEL EXT DIO Board 2981-600514-11 Used
A-044 PCB 1 TEL CSS Board 2981-600652-W1 Used
A-048 Cabinet 4 Lam OnTrak DSS-200 DSS200 Used
A-050 Wafer Transfer System 1 Rorze IVRR8150-W01-007 SB00151 Used
A-051 Vacuum Pump 1 Toyota IPUP T100L Used
A-052 CVD Tool 1 AMAT P5000 Mark II Used
A-053 Polisher Tool 1 AMAT Mirra Mesa 340 CMP Polisher Tool Mirra 3400 Used
A-054 Mirror Assy 7 KLA-Tencor CRS1010 Used
A-056 AC Cabinet 1 TEL CleanTrack AC Power Box PB122-U300-02W Used
A-059 PCB 3 KLA-Tencor Laser Power Board 000327 Used
A-060 PCB 12 Lam Quad Microstepper PCB 28-8875-032 Used
A-061 PCB 8 Lam Dual DC Motor Board 28-8875-013 Used
A-062 PCB 24 Lam Dual DC Motor Board 28-8875-033 Used
A-063 PCB 4 Lam SMIF/Relay Board 28-8875-038 Used
A-064 PCB 12 Lam Opto Output Board 28-8875-036 Used
A-065 PCB 16 Lam Opto Input Board 28-8875-037 Used
A-066 Output Station 4 Lam OnTrak Output Station 10-8872-014 Used
A-067 Spin Station 4 Lam OnTrak Spin Station 10-8882-027 Used
A-068 Brush Station 4 Lam OnTrak Brush Station Used
A-069 Input Station 4 Lam OnTrak Input Station 12-8892-084 Used
A-070 Unload Mechanical Arm 4 Lam OnTrak Unload Mech. Arm Used
A-071 Spin Rinse Assembly 4 Lam OnTrak Spin Rinse Assembly Used
A-072 Brush Assembly 4 Lam OnTrak Brush Assembly Used
A-073 Chemical Delivery Assembly 4 Lam OnTrak Chemical Delivery Assy Used
A-074 Indexer 4 Lam OnTrak Wafer Indexer Used
A-075 Catch Cup 4 Lam OnTrak Catch Cup Used
A-076 Objective 3 Nikon BD Plan 20/0.4 210/0 425613 Used
A-077 Objective 3 Nikon BD Plan 10 0.25 210/0 347677 Used
A-079 Objective 3 Nikon BD PlanApo 150/0.9 210/0 116396 Used
A-080 Objective 3 Nikon BD PlanApo 40/0.80 210/0 14022 Used
A-081 Microscope Turret 3 Nikon 287947 Used
A-082 Microscope Assembly 3 Nikon 287947, 34583 Used
A-083 X-Y Stage 3 Nikon Optistation 3 Used
A-084 Wafer Handler/Prealigner 3 Nikon Optistation 3 202380 Used
A-085 Wafer Loader 3 Nikon Optistation 3 Used
A-086 PCB 3 Nikon CCCNT 2S700-583-1 Used
A-087 PCB 3 Nikon MCR 2S700-598 Used
A-088 PCB 3 Nikon TCCNT 2S700-582-1 Used
A-089 PCB 3 Nikon SCNT 2S700-581 Used
A-090 PCB 3 Nikon SCPU 2S700-580-1 Used
A-091 PCB 3 Nikon MST 2S700-555 Used
A-092 24V Power Supply 1 AMAT XR80 9090-00239ITL Used
A-093 Spin Relay Controller 1 AMAT XR80 0090-93095ITL Used
A-094 Monitor Interface 1 AMAT XR80 909
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