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[SG11898] Spare Parts 23 

Item No
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2009-11-01 07:38:01
CSP-077 Temperature Controller 1 Tenor TC480 New
CSP-078 Temperature Controller 1 Tenor TC480 New
CSP-079 Temperature Controller 1 Tenor TC480 New
CSP-080 Bulb 4 Bulb JCD120V-800WB New
CSP-081 Hypo Probe 1 Omega Hypo Probe New
CSP-083 Timer 1 Uknown Macromatic Timer SS-60528 New
CSP-084 Timer 1 Uknown Macromatic Timer SS-61928 Used
CSP-085 Timer 1 Uknown Macromatic Timer SS-61928 Used
CSP-086 Timer 1 Uknown Macromatic Timer SS-61928 Used
CSP-087 Timer 1 Uknown Macromatic Timer SS-61928 Used
CSP-100 Sensor 2 SunX SC-MIL New
CSP-101 Sensor 1 SunX CN-70 x 2 pieces New
CSP-106 Bulb 1 Bulb New
CSP-111 Temperature Controller 1 Omron E5CX-RP °F Used
CSP-112 Temperature Controller 3 Omron E5CW-R1P Used
CSP-115 Temperature Controller 1 Love Controls 16022-9502-011 New
CSP-116 Controller 1 Omega Controllers DP41 Used
CSP-118 Meter 1 Modus MM H20 Meter Used
CSP-119 Meter 1 Simpson H235 Used
CSP-120 Gas Feedthru 1 Varian Gas Feedthru New
CSP-126 Valve 1 Norgren Nugget 70 x8 units New
CSP-128 Baratron 1 MKS Baratron SET 750B Used
CSP-150 Pedestal Shield 1 Uknown Pedestal Sheild 0020-22909 REV.B New
CSP-151 Gauge 1 Data Instruments Gauge 0-300PSI New
CSP-161 Valve 1 Tescom 44-43262JR91-04 3 New
CSP-162 Valve 1 Tescom 44-2268-R62-282 New
CSP-167 Valve 1 Swagelok SS-8BK-TP3-1C New
CSP-172 Temperature Controller 1 Watlow Anaphaz CLS208 + TLM-8 Used
CSP-174 Baffle 0 Varian 4" Water-Cooled Baffle F8286-305 ISO160 Used
CSP-185 Kit 1 Coorstek ADO Retrofit Kit New
CSP-186 Kit 1 Coorstek ADO Retrofit Kit New
CSP-187 Kit 1 Coorstek ADO Retrofit Kit New
CSP-188 Kit 1 Coorstek ADO Retrofit Kit New
CSP-189 Kit 1 Coorstek ADO Retrofit Kit New
CSP-208 Pneumatic Valve 1 MKS HPS LPV-25-S5-CLVS Used
CSP-212 Filter 5 3M Mask Filters New
CSP-213 Valve 1 MDC Kwik-Flange K150 722002 New
CSP-217 Valve 6 Numatics MicroAir M10SS411M000061 Used
CSP-219 Valve 4 Festo Solenoid Valve MEH-3/2-4.0-S New
CSP-220 Valve 1 Humphrey HGF10T3 New
CSP-223 Valve 1 Fujikin 316LP New
CSP-225 Pneumatic Valve 2 MKS Pneumatic Valve AL ALD Used
CSP-226 Valve 1 Veriflo 43900165 New
CSP-227 a-o Valve 15 Tescom 44-3262HT63 New
CSP-228 d-f Relay 3 Potter & Brumfield SSRQ Used
CSP-230 Tube 5 Ham-Let Let-lok Capping End of Tube 7108L SS 3/8 New
CSP-233 a, b Valve 2 Aptech AP1002S New
CSP-234 Valve 2 Veriflo 959100W3PXFSFMF New
CSP-236 Camera 4 JAI Monochrome Double Speed Scanning CCD Camera CV-M30 New
CSP-240 Valve 1 MDC AV-075-P-01-10 Used
CSP-242 Valve 7 Tescom 64-3662KT428-006 New
CSP-244 Circuit Breaker 1 Idec Circuit Breaker NRBM 3111 New
CSP-245 Circuit Breaker 2 MCL Mini-Circuit SRA-1 New
CSP-246 Circuit Breaker 7 MCL Mini-Circuit SRA-1 New
CSP-247 Circuit Breaker 1 ABB Sace IsoMax S3 B 225A New
CSP-248 Circuit Breaker 1 ABB Sace IsoMax S3 B 225A New
CSP-249 a-d Circuit Breaker 4 ABB Sace S3 125A New
CSP-250 Valve 1 Metron Huntington Gate Valve Adaptor D123873 New
CSP-251 Clamp 4 Metron MTG Clamp D124729-U Used
CSP-252 Wafer Holder 1 TEL Wafer Holder Assembly CR125 A129812 A129812 New
CSP-253 Magnet Assy 1 Quadrant Technology Quantum Magnet Assembly New
CSP-254 Wafer Holder 31 Metron Wafer Holder D129805 New
CSP-255 Wafer Holder 1 TEL 125mm Wafer Holder A127137 / D127110 New
CSP-256 Wafer Shield 1 TEL Wafer Shield D125409-125A New
CSP-257 Moly Clamp Ring 3 TEL CR 125mm Moly Clamp Ring D129479 New
CSP-258 Wafer Holder 5 TEL Wafer Holder A129433 New
CSP-259 Cylinder 1 AMAT Cylinder 0190-02070 New
CSP-260 Valve Manifold 3 Hoke Plug Valve Manifold Type SST/EPDM 7387004R Used
CSP-263 Wafers 1 Uknown 23 Mechanical Grade Silicon Wafer 150mm 6" Wafers Used
CSP-264 Valve 1 Versa Water 3-Way Air Operation Valve VSW-8602-WS-89 New
CSP-265 Plate Assy 3 Uknown Plate Assy. Latch Actuator A112915 Used
CSP-266 Power Assy 13 Steag Power Assy 7100-7870-06 Used
CSP-267 Heater 6 TEL BP Heater A125807 New
CSP-268 Shield Spacer 5 TEL Gate Valve Shield Spacer D116375 New
CSP-269 Clamp Ring 4 TEL Clamp Ring CR-125 D129677 New
CSP-270 Wafer Holder 6 TEL HSG Wafer Holder CR-125 D127110 New
CSP-271 Wafer Holder 5 TEL Wafer Holder 125MM A121885 New
CSP-272 Wafer Holder 5 TEL Wafer Holder 150MM A121815 New
CSP-273 Dark Space Shield 5 TEL 8" Cathode Dark Space Shield D112649 New
CSP-274 Wafer Holder 5 TEL HSG Wafer Holder CR200E D123330 New
CSP-275 Wafer Holder Housing 5 TEL Wafer Holder Housing D122850 New
CSP-276 Shield 9 TEL Etch Shield 200mm D116700 New
CSP-277 Shield Ring 99 TEL Gas Dist. Shield Ring MRC New
CSP-278 Wafer Holder 11 TEL MRC Wafer holder w/lip 162mm 41870-0101 New
CSP-279 Shield 23 TEL Shield W/H w/Spud Plas D124821-100SP New
CSP-280 Wafer Holder 9 Metron Shield Wafer Holder 150mm IBG D120491 New
CSP-281 Sputter Shield 45 TEL Shield Sputter D122081 New
CSP-282 Base 53 TEL WLDMT,BASE,150MM Short Tab A115421 New
CSP-283 Wafer Holder 15 Metron Shield Wafer Holder 100mm SS D124821-100s New
CSP-284 Heater 2 TEL FP Heater 125mm Vented A115893 New
CSP-285 Bulb 68 GTE Bulbs 1500T3Q/CL1U-240V New
CSP-286 Moly Assy 5 TEL W/H CR-150, Jeida, Moly A130065 New
CSP-287 Shield Ring 14 Metron Shield Ring HTR, 150mm New
CSP-288 Split Taper 1 TEL Split Taper BSHG D111483 New
CSP-289 Valve 1 Veriflo 944A0PLPNCSJ23 New
CSP-290 Valve 1 Veriflo 180199 New
CSP-296 Valve 1 Swagelok Nupro Valve 6LV-HDFR4-CM2 New
CSP-297 Valve 1 Fujikin FSR-T-20-6. 35UGF-PA-ARB New
CSP-299 Sensor 3 SUNX LED Collimated Beam Sensor LA-A1 Used
CSP-300 Barcode Reader 1 Keyence Laser barcode reader BL-550H Used
CSP-301 Switch 1 Balluff Electronic Switch BM0A-AMP-D-PU-C2 Used
CSP-302 Amp 1 Keyence One-touch Calibration Amp FS-T1P Used
CSP-303 Amp 1 Keyence One-touch Calibration Amp FS-T1P Used
CSP-304 Filter 2 USF Filter T910665-300 New
CSP-306 Pneumatic Valve 1 MKS Inline Pneumatic Valve HPS 162-0040K Used
CSP-307 Valve 1 Tamo H20 Flow Switch Valve DUM-5 Used
CSP-310 Valve 1 Aptech AP1010S 3PW FV4 MV4 1 Used
CSP-311 Valve 1 Saes Getters DHC504M608-7 Used
CSP-312 Valve 1 Saes Getters DHC504M706-7 Used
CSP-313 Valve 1 Saes Getters UHP506C1-5 Used
CSP-314 Valve 1 Saes Getters UHP508C1-0011854 Used
CSP-315 a, b Valve
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