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[SG12080] Zevatech/Juki 760 MTC (TAMAGAWA) servo driver:AU6550N1061 

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2016-03-30 23:11:30
Used 760 MTC servo driver available for sale.
We have a large number juki spare part in stock:
juki 760 MTC servo driver:1 pc
New and used juki 730/750 laser:18 pcs
New and used juki 760 laser:2 pcs
juki 730-760 laser control card:5 pcs
juki 730-760 ccd camera:2 pcs
juki 730-760 X,Y,Z,T-axis servo driver:15 pcs
juki 750/760 AC servo card:1 pc
juki 750/760 matchine board:1 pc
juki 750/760 sub-cpu card:1 pc
juki 750/760 ZT-axis servo motor:12 pcs
juki 500-508 nozzle:50 pcs
juki 2010 ZT-axis servo driver:3 pc
juki 2000 series MCM card:2 pcs
juki 2000 series MNLA sensor:4 pcs
juki 2050 bad mark sensor:2 pcs
juki 2010-2040 main XMP card:1 pc
juki 2010-2040 IO card: 1 pc
juki 2010 z-axis servo motor:3 pcs
juki 2010 t-axis servo motor:3 pcs
juki 2050 z-axis motor:5 pc
juki 2050 t-axis motor :3 pcs
juki 2050 y motor:2 pcs
juki 2050 x motor:1 pcs
juki 2060 ic t motor:1pc
juki 2050 ejector:5 sets
juki 2060 ejector:5 sets
juki 2010 ejector:2 sets
juki FX-1 position-connection pcb asm:1 pc
Supply all juki spare parts at a lower price,Pls contact us if you have interested.
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