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[SG3047] Nikon Stepper NSR 2005 EX10B 

Item No
FAB / Stepper
2004-11-11 00:00:11
1. S/N : 7070001
2. Applications Spec
-Resolution :0.4㎛
-N. A :0.63
-Expose Source : I-Line(365nm)
-Reduction : ×5
-Expose Field : 21.2mm×25.2mm, 20mm×20mm
-Alignment Accuracy :0.09㎛(3 Sigma)
-CD Uniformity : Max-Min≤0.04㎛
-Lens Distortion :±0.05㎛
3. 2.Hardware Configuration
-Chamber Set Point - Temp: 23 degrees / Altitude: 300 feet
-Lens Type:
-Wafer Size: 8"
-Wafer Loader Type: Type1 (Std)
-Wafer Type: Plated
-Reticle Size:
-Reticle Microscope Compatiblity: 21.2mm/22.0mm(option)
-Cable Length: 5.0 Meters
-Main System Software Request: Version 3.0
-Particle Detector: No (Std)
-Pellicle Particle Detector (Pellicle Only): Yes
-Wafer Edge Exposure System: No (Std)
-Mutli-Reticle Changer: No (Std)
-Variable Numerical Aperture: Variable (0.50-0.57) / Selected
-NA(0.57 or 0.50): 0.50
-SHRINC 1: No (Std)
-Reticle Bar Code Reader: Yes
-Decnet: Yes
-AMS:Yes-DP Software: No (Std)
-Performance Analysis Process (PAP): No (Std.)
-Self-Measurement Program (SMP): No(Std.)
-Wafer Holder: Ceramic Low Contact Type 1(Std)
-FIA: Yes
-LIA: Yes
-Prealignment 2: No (Std)
-Total Overlay: Up to 20 NSR< -Test Reticle: R2205HA Ver.6.56 (6"-22.00mm)
-Chip Leveling: Yes
-Extended Wafer Carrier Table: Yes
-Low Particle Black Ceramic Wafer Loader Fixtures: No (Std)
-Inline: Left (Nikon Std. Layout)
- Detector: No (Std)

Built Year : SEP. 1994
Location : Korea
Quantity : 1
Condition : Good
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