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[SG4596] J. Zimmer printing machine 

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2003-09-15 00:00:15
Dear Sirs,
we are urgent looking for following machinery in case you can offer us then please send us your offer with full details and pictures and your lowest C/F Karachi price.

Reggiani or J. Zimmer printing machine w/w 3.2 meter with 12 or above colors.
Stenter Babcock, Montex, or Bruckner, w/w 1800 mm 7 or above chambers horizontal pin chain clip with padder and Mahlo weft Straightener, module should be up to 1988.
Pad Steam w/w 18500 mm.
Thermosol dayeing range w/w 1850 mm
Washing & Bleaching machine w/w 3.2 meter.
We are looking fowrads to receive an earlier reply.
Best regards,
Ishtiaq hussain.
For: Orient International Textile Machinery.

Tribseer damm 63, 18437 Stralsund

Tel: +49-3831 307257,59
Fax: +49 3831 308660
Handy: +49 174 1434925
E-Mail: oitmsc@orienttex.de

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