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Title International commerce- web site starts activities in Bangladeshi
Source Daily Inquilab (=Change) Date
September4, 2000. STAFF REPORTER

A press conference was arranged yesterday (Sunday) at the National Press Club on global business of buying and selling of goods via Internet by B2B e-commerce web site It was arranged by their local agent in Bangladesh, JCS Corporation Ltd. It was stated that business persons can buy or sell their merchandises through this web site internationally. The buyers will have their choices for their specific demanded goods and they can bargain with the sellers. If there is an agreement, then the buyers can have their goods. They may avail assistance of JCS Corporation Ltd. in every regard. It was declared that Bangladeshi business people would get services free of cost.

In this evening press conference there were present among journalists Mr. Chul Min Park, Marketing Manager of, Mr. Amal Kanti Nath, Chairman and Mr. Chandan Chowdhury, Managing Director of JCS Corporation Ltd. receptively. Korea based e-commerce has offices or planning to open offices in Seoul, HongKong, Tokyo, Sanghai, Taipei, Singapore and San Francisco, USA. Bangladeshi business people are asked to avail various services of this web site and are requested to contact JCS Corporation Ltd. for any assistance.