R&D Foundry


RndFoundry Servies
  • Provides various technical services from manufacturing standard thin film wafer for inspection and analysis to technical consulting
  • Provides the cleanroom at the level of semiconductor mass production line, 300mm dedicated process, inspection and analysis services
  • Suggests key quality index of device performance related quality and provides diagnosis and prediction of core technologies
  • Provides total solutions to connect equipment performance, recipe conditions, thin film quality and device characteristics

Manufacturing R&D Total Solution Provider

  • - Noncontact and Nondestructive Electrical Characterization of Thin Film Quality
    - Mechanism Understanding of Quality Excursion
    - Pre-screening and Path Finding of New Materials, New Equipment, New Processes
  • - Film Thickness, Warpage, Stress Evaluation
    - Particle Counting
    - Metal Contamination
    - Plasma Damage Monitoring
  • - DRAM, LOGIC, VNAND, CIS Technology Roadmap
    - Design of Experimentation
    - Substrate, Process, Device Engineering
    - Quality, Performance, Yield Improvement
  • - 300mm Unit or Module Process Service
    - Process Equipment for In-situ Monitoring System, Chamber Characterization, RGA, EPD, FDC, MFC, Sensor, Parts, Components Evaluation
    - Data Mining, Machine-learning Application Development
  • - R&D Local Fab for Alpha-tool Development
    - One-stop Tool Evaluation utilizing Thin Film Wafer and Thin Film Device Characterization
    - Demo Lab

Thin Film Device Characterization

Development of Semiconductor Technology

  • Complex semiconductor device structure
  • Increasing process difficulty
  • Increasing proportion of new materials, new equipment and new factories

Problems of Performance Evaluation

  • Rapid growth in time and cost
  • Increasing quality factors in device
  • Patterning process affects device characteristics

R&D Foundry Services

  • Non-contact Electric Measurement System
  • Measure various products using corona charge method
  • Provides integrated analysis of key quality factors

Provides Optimized Solutions for Solving Technical Challenges

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