Company Profile

Company Profile
Company Name SurplusGLOBAL, Inc.
Established March 28, 2000
CEO Bruce Kim
People 53 Colleagues
Business Scope Secondary Equipment Trading, Refurbishment and Reconfiguration, Remarketing, Valuation, Auction, Rental
Global Locations
  • SurplusGLOBAL Korea, Osan
  • SurplusGLOBAL Taiwan, Hsinchu
  • SurplusGLOBAL China, Shanghai
  • SurplusGLOBAL USA, San Jose
Experience AMAT, ASML, BESI, Dongbu, FSI, GE, KLA-Tencor, LG, Nikon, On semi, Samsung, SK Hynix, Teradyne, TEL, Winbond etc.
Facilities The World’s Largest Secondary Semiconductor Equipment Depot
Total 24,000m2 Temperature and Humidity Controlled Space, 700m2 Clean Room
Timeline March, 2000 – SurplusGLOBAL was founded.
June, 2000 - Registered as a venture enterprise.
March, 2004 – Moved HQ to Seoul.
August, 2005 – Moved HQ to Pyeongtaek.(Gyeonggi-do)
November, 2007 – Won the Commerce, Industry and Energy Minister’s Award on Annual Trade Day.
January, 2008 – SurplusGLOBAL China Office opened.
May, 2011 – SurplusGLOBAL USA, Inc. was established.
July, 2011 – SurplusGLOBAL Taiwan, Inc. was established.
September, 2011 – Incorporated SurplusGLOBAL China.
March, 2012 – Received the Commissioner of Customs Award at the Taxpayers’ Day Ceremony.
September, 2012 – Established the SurplusGLOBAL Foundation ‘Smile Together’.(Support for family with the developmentally disabled.)
August, 2013 – Moved HQ to Osan.(Gyeonggi-do)
August, 2014 – Established Research and Development Department.
June, 2015 – Selected as 'the Best Trader of the Month'.(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
November, 2015 – Won the Presidential Award on Annual Trade Day.
January, 2017 - Listed on KOSDAQ.
September, 2017 – Acquired EQ Bestech.(Currently, EQ GLOBAL.)
September, 2018 – Selected as 'Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion 2018'.
Executive Staff


Bruce Kim


Bruce Kim is the founder and CEO of SurplusGLOBAL, a global leader in secondary semiconductor equipment market since 2000. He has completed thousands of transactions in Semiconductor, Display, LED, SMT, and Test industry for last 26 years.
Bruce has been a keynote speaker on B2B marketing at major forums such as BusinessWeek, Softbank and Top-tier Executive Courses. Contributed over 200 articles to major media such as Daily Chosun, ETNEWS, The Economist, ZDnet. Wrote “Global Internet Marketing” in 2000 and served as Professor of Seoul Digital University in 2003.
Received the award of national merit in International Trade from the Industry Minister of Korea in 2007 & 2014 and from Korean President in 2015. Was selected as one of the top 500 business leaders of 2013 in Korea. Currently the Executive Officer of Secondary Equipment Applications Special Group, SEMI.

  • COO

    James Park


  • SurplusGLOBAL USA

    Emerald Greig


  • SurplusGLOBAL China

    Jonathan Shang


  • SurplusGLOBAL Taiwan

    Damian Chen