Semiconductor Equipment Cluster

One-stop Solution of Equipment,
Services and Parts

We are looking for companies that will provide One-stop Solution
to customers around the world.

  • Cluster Introduction

    SurplusGLOBAL Semiconductor Equipment Cluster will provide open innovation platform enabling the cooperation between semiconductor equipment companies, the competitiveness of the growing used semiconductor equipment industry, and a “one-stop solution” provided to customers over the world.

  • Concept & History

    • Provide Pre-owned Semiconductor Equipment Solutions including not only used tools but also parts and labors to Global Value Chain together with 1,000+ pre-owned equipment, cleanroom facilities, and global network.
    • Minimize facility investment by cousing a utility facility managed by a team of specialized facilities.
    • Flexible space composition and lease to suit customer needs and environments (Clean room, Refurbishment Bay, Air-controlled warehouse)
    • cluster concept
    • air controlled ware house 1
    • welcome lounge
  • Building Detail

    • Clean Room 2,181 ㎡ (23,484 ft2)
      - 1st Floor: 1,000 ~ 100,000 class (1,090 ㎡ /Height 4.5m)
      - 2nd Floor: 100 ~ 1,000 class (1,090 ㎡ /Height 3.5m)
      * Expandable to 11,867 ㎡ (127,743 ft2)
    • Refurbishment Bay 1,652 ㎡ (17,791 ft2)
    • Air Controlled Warehouse 59,504 ㎡ (640,497 ft2)
    • building detail
  • Floor Plan

    Floor Plan
    6th Floor 5,428 ㎡ (58,428 ft2)) Lunar Salon, Fitness Center / Rooftop Garden / Air-Controlled Warehouse / Coin Laundry
    5th Floor 15,577 ㎡ (167,668 ft2) Office / Air-Controlled Warehouse
    4th Floor 15,577 ㎡ (167,668 ft2) Office / Air-Controlled Warehouse
    3th Floor 2,555 ㎡ (27,506 ft2) Office / Co-working Space (=Shared Office), TokTok’s Business Center
    2th Floor 15,577 ㎡ (167,668 ft2) Clean Room / Conference Room / Cafeteria / Air-Controlled Warehouse
    1th Floor 14,407 ㎡ (155,071 ft2) Clean Room / Refurbishment Bay / Air-Controlled Warehouse / Mailbox
  • Advantage

    Provides basic utilities for semiconductor equipment
    • Minimize facility investment by co-using a utility facility managed by a team of specialized facilities
    • Centralized Utility Supply for Reliable Utility facility
    • Stable electrical supply (with its own emergency generator)
    Temperature and humidity Control
    • Auto Control function for Clean room and Refurbishment Bay
    • Centralized monitoring for stable temperature/humidity management
    Reduce operational costs and Efficiency
    • 10% annual savings in electricity bills with centralized management systems
    • Minimize facility investment by jointly using public Utility facilities and convenience facilities
    • Provide Efficiency logistics/storage costs by providing optimized logistics services
    Use of amenities
    • Cafeteria with a capacity of 200 people
    • Multi-purpose room for 100 people, Conference room, Fitness Center, Game Room, Book Cafe, Lounge, Studio and Business center
    • 400 parking spots, mailbox, and coin laundry facilities are available
    • Offer brand PR center until 2022 free of charge
  • cluster_location

Cluster Location

  • Around 30 companies related to in semiconductor equipment industry are scheduled to move in to cluster.
  • One stop solution provision through As is where is tools, Refurbishment Services, and parts.
  • More than 1,000 overseas buyers every year.
  • cluster rough map
  • New Address

    56, Seochon-ro, Namsa-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

    • Postal code : 17118


    Easier access to the metropolitan Transportation Area with Highways, New national Highways, SRT, Etc. Optimal Location Condition, Close to Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix Samsung Electronics in Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek (15 mins) / SK Hynix In Icheon (40mins/the 2nd beltway set to open in 2020)

    • National Highway : Right beside Tongsam IC on National Highway 23 / Jangji IC (3mins) / Osan IC (15mins)/ Giheung IC(15mins) / Namsa IC (5mins)
    • Rail Road : Dongtan SRT 10mins (GTX to be stopped as well)
    • Airport : Incheon International Airport 1hour 30mins/ Gimpo Airport 1hour 30mins

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