• great work place close

    Great Work Place

    We do our best to provide opportunities and experiences to colleagues, and also create and keep a pleasant workplace.
    To commemorate the relocation of the new headquarter of SurplusGLOBAL, we made a parody video of the Squid Game to create some special memories with our team members. We will always focus on developing an enjoyable and active company culture to make our work have a better atmosphere!

  • integrity and transparency

    Integrity and Transparency

    It is the highest priority value that must be maintained in any situation. Based on this, we act honestly with our customers and colleagues and maintain the highest level of morality. We are also pursuing a corporate culture that transparently discloses the necessary information, decision-making, and the process as it is without judging advantageous or disadvantageous information.

  • open communication

    Open communication

    We are making a horizontal corporate culture by calling each other in English name instead of job position. We create an atmosphere where we eliminate unnecessary authority and hierarchy so that we can freely express opinions, respect each other and communicate based on trust.

  • decision making factory

    Decision Making Factory

    We call our office as ‘Decision Making Factory’ and strive to make good decisions to achieve long-term vision. We communicate smoothly and demonstrate collective intelligence with internal consensus to make countless sensitive decisions quickly and accurately.

  • great teamwork

    Great Teamwork

    We maximizes organizational competence by team play. We are constantly challenging and growing through active and voluntary teamwork with our passionate and professional colleagues to achieve our company and team goals.

  • professionalism


    We help colleagues to grow as experts in each field together with company. We support cost for self-development to acquire knowledge and skills related to work.

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