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SurplusGLOBAL, Inc.
경기도 용인시 처인구 남사읍 서촌로 56 (우)17118
Tel: 031-728-1400
Fax: 031-728-1401

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San Jose

SurplusGLOBAL USA, Inc.
2033 Gateway Place, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95110, USA
Tel: +1-408-436-5347

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SurplusGLOBAL China, Inc.
1209, Tower B of Hailiang Building, No. 12, Lane 118, Zhongjiang Road, Shanghai, PRC, 200062
Tel: +86-21-61170608~9

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SurplusGLOBAL Taiwan, Inc.
5F.-5, No. 6, Gaotie E. 2nd Rd., Aikou Vil., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302053, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-3-667-6366

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SurplusGLOBAL Asia Pte, Ltd.
11 Woodlands close # 08_03 Woodlands 11, Singapore
Tel: +65-9655-2245

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SurplusGLOBAL Japan, Inc.
Q Plaza Shinjuku 3-Chome, 5-6, Shinjuku 3-Chome, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5925-8282

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Photo Stepper, Scanner, Aligner
Track Track, Scrubber
Thin film CVD, PVD, EPI
Etch Ethcer, Asher
Diffusion RTP, Furnace, Implanter
WET Clean, Rinse Dry
ECD Electrochemical Copper Deposition, Electrochemical Copper Plating
Metrology SEM, Defect Inspection, Surface scan, Thickness measurement
Automated Test Equipment Tester, Handler, Prober, Laser Repair System
Packaging Die bonder, Wire bonder, Dicing saw, Back grinder
PCB Assembly Chip Mounter, Screen Printer, Oven, Inspection System
LED Front-end, Back-end
Display LCD, OLED
Solar Solar
Global Sourcing Service Global Sourcing Service
Investment Opportunities Investment Opportunities
Collaboration Collaboration
Cluster Cluster
Taiwan Taiwan
China China
Singapore Singapore
Japan Japan
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    RF Parts Repair and Sales Repair of RF/RPS/Microwave Products and Sales of EQ RF Products
    ATE Parts Repair and Sales Test equipment of back-end process
    Icheon Service Center RF Repair
    Cheongju Service Center RF, PCB Repair
    Oversea Business Oversea Business
    R&D Research & Developement
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  • (본사) 경기도 용인시 처인구 남사읍 서촌로 56 (우)17118 Tel 031-728-1400 Fax 031-728-1401
  • (네비 주소) 경기도 용인시 처인구 남사읍 통삼리 853-2 서플러스글로벌 반도체장비클러스터 주차장 입구

SurplusGLOBAL, Inc. | 56, Seochon-ro, Namsa-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 17118, Korea | Tel: +82-31-728-1400 Fax: +82-31-728-1401

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