사업 범위

Full Line-Up from Front End to Back End!

  • 사업범위 font-end
    Front End
    • Photo

      Stepper, Scanner, Aligner

    • Track

      Track, Scrubber

    • Metrology

      SEM, Defect Inspection, Surface scan, Thickness Mesurement

    • Thin Film

      CVD, PVD, EPI

    • Etcher

      Etcher, Asher

    • Diffusion

      RTP, Furnace, Implanter

    • CMP


    • WET

      Clean, Plating, Spin Rinse Dry

  • 사업범위 back-end
    Back End
    • ATE

      Tester, Handler, Prober, Laser repair System

    • Package

      Wire bonder, Die bonder, Dicing saw, Back grinder

    • PCB Assembly

      Chip mounter, Oven, Screen printer, Inspection System

  • 사업범위 parts
    • Trading

      Legacy parts sourcing, sales & harvest. Online Market place

    • Repair

      Parts repair & Exchange

    • Replacement

      Obsolete parts development, Localized parts supply

    • Quality Assurance

      Parts quality assurance infrastructure using legacy equipment inventory

  • 사업범위 others
    • LED Manufacturing Equipment

    • Display Equipment

    • Solar Equipment

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