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The electronic industry currently invests about USD 100 Billion in equipment every year globally. While semiconductor capital equipment investment is around USD 60 Billion per year, the market size of the secondary market eco-system is estimated to be approximately USD 5 Billion. The market for Legacy Semiconductor Equipment has continued to show large growth potential.

Since our establishment in 2000, SurplusGLOBAL has been continuously meeting the needs of our diverse customers around the world, by providing optimized equipment solutions. Thanks to the support of our customers, we have become the world leader in the Legacy Semiconductor Equipment industry.

SurplusGLOBAL has served the legacy equipment market by supplying more than 40,000 systems to over 4,000 customers since its inception in the global Legacy Semiconductor Equipment market. We are confident that the Legacy equipment we have sold, has been used to produce devices for many electronic products in the world. 

We are building a "Semiconductor Equipment Cluster” to solidify our position within this space as the global leader and provide customers with a "One Stop Platform" for Semiconductor Pre-Owned Equipment. Through this endeavor, we aim to provide more optimized solutions to our customers.

Semiconductor Pre-owned Equipment plays a key role not only in the semiconductor ecosystem, but also in the electronics production ecosystem; however, it is not yet well known in the market. I am certain that the Legacy Equipment Solutions we provide are helpful to people's lives and can play a bigger role in the future. Legacy Equipment has helped our environment by generating less waste with reuse, provided economic benefits and finally making fabrication accessible to startups and small cap companies. We believe that our success has been accomplished with the support of our customers and we value the relationships we have cultivated over the years. We will continue to strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in the future.

CEO Profile

Bruce Kim is a full member of the Korean Academy of Engineering and an adjunct professor in the Department of Advanced Materials Engineering at Yonsei University. Over the past 30 years, he has traveled millions of miles across more than 50 countries, buying and selling goods worth billions of dollars.
Through annual explorations and research along the Silk Road, he has studied the rise and fall of nomads and merchants over the past 5,000 years. He interprets the driving forces of human history more from the perspective of traders than from that of great heroes, emperors, or prophets.

In 2000, he founded SurplusGLOBAL and initially engaged in inter-corporate e-commerce. Faced with the threat of closure, he later found success by focusing on the semiconductor industry. Selling over 60,000 legacy semiconductor equipment worldwide, he has propelled SurplusGLOBAL into a globally recognized powerhouse. He received the Presidential Award on Trade Day in 2015 and the Industrial Service Medal in 2021. Additionally, in 2012, he established the 'Smile Together Foundation' to heal and support families with developmental disabilities, organizing events like the Autism Expo and contributing significantly to social welfare.

Executive Staff

Many of our experienced team of project managers has fab and OEM backgrounds with rich industry experiences.
Our team has years of experience supporting multiple OEMs with technical expertise.

Executive Staff (Korea)

  • Jams Park COO James Park COO
    (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Kelly Teng Managing Director of Sales Kelly Teng Managing Director of Sales
    (Photo, Track, Metrology)
  • Jeff Jim Managing Director of Sales Jeff Kim Managing Director of Sales
    (Thin film, Etch, Diffusion, Clean)
  • Daniel Nam Team Leader Daniel Nam Team Leader
    (ATE, Packaging, PCB Assembly)
  • Brandon Ahn Team Leader Brandon Ahn Team Leader
    (Parts Sales & Online Marketplace)
  • Michael Cho Team Leader Michael Cho Team Leader
    (Business Development)
  • Arthur Kim Team Leader of Management Support Arthur Kim Team Leader
    of Management Support
  • Eddie Yu Team Leader of Cluster Eddie Yu Team Leader
    of Semiconductor Equipment Cluster
  • Allie Yoon Team Leader of Customer Experience Allie Yoon Team Leader
    of Customer Experience

Executive Staff (Global)

  • Kevin Oh Country Manager of SurplusGLOBAL San Jose Office Kevin Oh Country Manager, San Jose
    Sales & Procurement
  • Jingle Chen Country Manager of SurplusGLOBAL Shanghai Office Jingle Chen (   陈真   ) Country Manager, Shanghai
    Sales & Procurement
  • Shuji Kumazawa Country Manger of SurplusGLOBAL Tokyo Office Shuji Kumazawa (   熊澤修二   ) Country Manager, Tokyo
    Sales & Procurement
  • Johnny Hui Country Manager of SurplusGLOBAL Singapore Office Johnny Hui
  • Kyle Back Country Manager of SurplusGLOBAL Hsinchu Office Kyle Back Country Manager, Hsinchu
    Sales & Procurement

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